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Collective Intelligence in Design

Collective Intelligence in Design

Christopher Hight (Guest Editor), Chris Perry (Guest Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-02652-6

Dec 2006

136 pages

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Exploring how today’s most compelling architecture is emerging from new forms of collaborative practice, this title of AD engages three predominant phenomena: architecture’s relationship with digital and telecommunication technology; the media; and economies of globalisation. The articles in the issue explore the relationship between these readings and examine, for the first time, the implications of these phenomena upon forms of architectural invention and production. While much attention has been focused upon the influence of digital media on architectural form and technique, little has examined its far broader implications for forms of architectural practice. Yet, as with modernism and the professionalization of architecture at the end of the 19th century and the rise of architectural corporations in the mid-20th century, the future of architectural design will inevitably depend upon reconfigurations of architectural authorship.

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Introduction: Collective Intelligence in Design (Christopher Hight and Chris Perry).

Agent Intellects: Pattern as a Form of Thought (Ed Keller and Carla Leitao).

CONTINUUM: A Self-Engineering Creature-Culture (Pia Ednie-Brown and Alisa Andrasek).

Language, Life, Code (Alexander R Galloway and Eugene Thacker).

Critical Practice: Protocol for a Fused Technology (Aaron Sprecher, Chandler Ahrens and Eran Neuman).

Collective Cognition: Neural Fabrics and Social Software (Therese Tierney).

Design Research on Responsive Display Prototypes: Integrating Sensing, Information and Computation Technologies (David Small and John Rothenberg).

Does Collaboration Work? (Kevin Kennon). 

Strength in Numbers (David Salomon).

The AADRL: Design, Collaboration and Convergence (Brett Steele).

Associative Practices in the Management of Complexity (Tom Verebes).

Designing Commonspaces: Riffing with Michael Hardt on the Multitude and Collective Intelligence (Christopher Hight and Michael Hardt).

Responsive Systems / Appliance Architectures (Branden Hookway and Chris Perry).

Parallel Processing: Design / Practice (David Erdman, Marcelyn Gow, Ulrika Karisson and Chris Perry).

After BitTorrent: Darknets to Native Data (Anthony Burke).

Working with Wiki, by Design (Andrew Burrow and Jane Burry).

Computational Intelligence: The Grid as a Post-Human Network (Philippe Morel).

Evolving Synergy: OCEAN Currents, Current OCEANs and Why Networks Must Displace Themselves (Michael Hansel).

Treatment 1: Notes from an Informal Discussion on Interinstitutional Design Research and Image Production (Benjamin Bratton and Hernan Diaz-Alonso).

Interior Eye: Modernising the Morgan Library (Jayne Merkel).

Practice Profile: Cyber House Rules: James Law Cybertecture International (Anna Koor).

Building Profile: Idea Store, Whitechapel (Jeremy Melvin).

Home Run: Adelaide Court (Bruce Stewart).

McLean's Nuggets (Will McLean).