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College Accounting



College Accounting

Jerry J. Weygandt, Paul D. Kimmel, Deanna C. Martin, Jill E. Mitchell

ISBN: 978-1-119-40600-6 June 2019 1166 Pages

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College Accounting provides the beginning accounting student with the fundamentals of financial accounting through clear, concise, and easy-to-read text with examples and practice opportunities along the way. Combining the expertise of successful authors Paul Kimmel and Jerry Weygandt and the perspectives of two community colleges professors, DeAnna Martin and Jill Mitchell, this resource is the perfect blend of solid, time-tested content and a new streamlined design of embedded charts, lists, and illustrations that help students grasp difficult concepts.

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1. Welcome to Accounting
2.  The Accounting Equation and Transaction Analysis
3. The Recording Process: Debits and Credits
4. The Recording Process: The Journal, The Ledger, and the Trial Balance
5.  Adjusting the Accounts and Preparing an Adjusted Trial Balance
6. Completing a Worksheet and Completing the Accounting Cycle
7. Merchandising Companies: Purchases (Perpetual)
8. Merchandising Companies: Sales (Perpetual)
9. Merchandising Companies: Worksheets and Financial Statements (Perpetual)
10. Special Journals
11. Inventory
12. Cash, Banking, and Internal Controls
13. Payroll Accounting: Employee Taxes and Records
14. Payroll Accounting: Employer Taxes and Records

A. Merchandising Companies: Purchases (Periodic)
B. Merchandising Companies: Sales (Periodic)
C. Merchandising Companies: Worksheet and Financial Statements (Periodic)

College Accounting incorporates an innovative micro-learning design where bulleted lists, charts, illustrations, videos, and graphs help to break up the text. Students are presented with shorter topics, less pedagogical elements, and consistent step-by-step instruction.

Animations make learning fun and engaging: These short animated videos engage students and simplify major concepts in the book, making the concepts easier to understand. They offer an alternative approach to understanding the written material. Found in WileyPLUS.

Videos reinforce concepts and help sharpen problem-solving skills: Solution Walkthrough Videos are available as question assistance and help students learn problem-solving techniques. These videos walk students through solutions step by step and are based on the most regularly assigned exercises and problems in the text. Found in WileyPLUS.

Mobile-friendly, interactive tutorials are ideal for students on the go: Interactive Tutorials are available in an enhanced mobile-friendly learning environment, giving students the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere. You can assign these as pre-lecture assignments to ensure that students come to class prepared.

Real-world company videos provide timely, relevant information: Real-world company videos feature both small businesses and larger companies to help students apply content and see how business owners apply concepts from the textbook to the real world. Found in WileyPLUS.

Financial Literacy Videos address how basic accounting and finance-related issues are addressed in day-to-day life. Found in WileyPLUS.