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College Geometry: Using the Geometer's Sketchpad

College Geometry: Using the Geometer's Sketchpad

Barbara E. Reynolds, William E. Fenton

ISBN: 978-0-470-53493-9

Dec 2011

380 pages

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From two authors who embrace technology in the classroom and value the role of collaborative learning comes College Geometry Using The Geometer's Sketchpad, a book that is ideal for geometry courses for both mathematics and math education majors. The book's truly discovery-based approach guides students to learn geometry through explorations of topics ranging from triangles and circles to transformational, taxicab, and hyperbolic geometries. In the process, students hone their understanding of geometry and their ability to write rigorous mathematical proofs.

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College Geometry: Using the Geometer's Sketchpad, 1e with Geometer's Sketchpad V5 Set

This item: College Geometry: Using the Geometer's Sketchpad

College Geometry: Using the Geometer's Sketchpad

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ONE Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad 1

TWO ConstructingProving 21

THREE Mathematical Arguments and Triangle Geometry 53

FOUR Circle Geometry and Proofs 85

FIVE Analytic Geometry 111

SIX Taxicab Geometry 143

SEVEN Finite Geometries 161

EIGHT Transformational Geometry 185

NINE Isometries and Matrices 209

TEN Symmetry in the Plane 229

ELEVEN Hyperbolic Geometry 253

TWELVE Projective Geometry 287

APPENDIX A Trigonometry 317

APPENDIX B Calculating with Matrices 329



  • Former Chapter 1 has been re-written as two chapters: Chapter 1: Using the Geometer’s Sketchpad and Chapter 2: Constructing à Proving. The authors split these chapters into two in order to provide better explanation and deeper coverage of each topic.
  • The introduction and development of proof skills in Chapters 3 and 4 has been revised in order to make the concept of proof more accessible to students.
  • New Chapter 7: Finite Geometries has been added based on feedback from instructors who cover this topic in their geometry courses.
  • Chapter 11: Hyperbolic Geometry has been expanded with additional problems and more in-depth coverage by the authors.
  • Coverage of the Real Projective Plane in chapter 11 has been re-written to be more clear to students.

  • Chapters open with Activities that immediately draw students into the subject matter.
  • Students learn Sketchpad and geometry at the same time (full integration).
  • Includes an introduction to writing proofs, preparing students for later mathematics courses that involve extensive proof writing.
  • Detailed Discussions solidify student conjectures made in the Activities.
  • Covers Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry topics.
  • A true discovery-based approach to the subject