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Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere: Reviews of Current Research

Collisionless Shocks in the Heliosphere: Reviews of Current Research

Bruce T. Tsurutani (Editor), Robert G. Stone (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66417-9

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

303 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 35.

Violent expansions of the solar corona cause transient shock waves which propagate outward from the sun at hundreds to thousands of kilometers per second; simple solar wind velocity gradients at the surface of the sun lead to high-speed streams overtaking slower streams, forming corotating shocks; and steady state supermagnetosonic solar wind flow past objects such as the planets lead to standing bow shocks. However, the solar wind plasma is so hot and tenuous that charged particle Coulomb collisions produce negligible thermalization or dissipation on scale sizes less than 0.1 AU. The irreversible plasma heating by these shocks is accomplished by wave-particle interactions driven by plasma instabilities. Hence these shocks are described as "collisionless."

Introduction vii


Theories of Shock Formation in the Solar Atmosphere
R.S. Steinolfson 1

Observations of Shock Formation and Evolution in the Solar Atmosphere
Jean-Louis Bougeret 13

Review of Interplanetary Shock Phenomena Near and Within 1 AU
A.K. Richter, K. C. Hsieh, A. H. Luttrell, E. Marsch, and R. Schwenn 33

Interplanetary Shocks on the Large Scale: A Retrospective on the Last Decade's Theoretical Efforts
V. J. Pizzo 51

Interplanetary Shock Phenomena Beyond 1 AU
Edward J. Smith 69

Magnetohydrodynamic and Gasdynamic Theories for Planetary Bow Waves
John R. Spreiter and Stephen S. Stahara 85

Planetary Bow Shocks
C.T. Russell 109


Subcritical Collisionless Shock Waves
M.M. Mellott 131

Ion Reflection, Gyration, and Dissipation at Supercritical Shocks
J.T. Gosling and A. E. Robson 141

Numerical Simulations of Quasi-Perpendicular Collisionless Shocks
C.C. Goodrich 153

Oblique, Parallel, and Quasi-Parallel Morphology of Collisionless Shocks
Eugene W. Greenstadt 169

Simulation of Quasi-Parallel Collisionless Shocks
Kevin B. Quest 185

Electron Velocity Distributions Near Collisionless Shocks
William C. Feldman 195

Plasma Waves and Instabilities
Donald A. Gurnett 207

Microtheory of Collisionless Shock Current Layers
D. Winske 225

The Electron Foreshock
Alexander J. Klimas 237

Upstream Suprathermal Ions
M.F. Thomsen 253


Shock Drift Acceleration
Thomas P. Armstrong, Mark E. Pesses, and Robert B. Decker 271

Diffusive Acceleration
Manfred  Scholer 287