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Colloid-Polymer Interactions: From Fundamentals to Practice

Colloid-Polymer Interactions: From Fundamentals to Practice

Raymond S. Farinato (Editor), Paul L. Dubin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-24316-8

Jun 1999

432 pages

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THE COLLOIDAL DOMAIN Second Edition Where Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Technology Meet

D. Fennell Evans and Håkan Wennerström

Fully updated and revised, this new edition of the critically acclaimed book incorporates information on key developments in colloid science and technology in the twentieth century. It provides a unified treatment of colloid theory, methods, and applications to specific systems, complete with concept maps, new worked examples, and more than 250 illustrations.

1999 (0-471-24247-0) 672 pp.


Robert J. Stokes and D. Fennell Evans

This book emphasizes the importance of the intermolecular forces that hold materials together within a bulk phase or across an interface. It examines the fundamentals of the intermolecular interactions along with the properties, processing, and behavior of fluid interfacial systems. Solid surfaces and interfaces are also discussed.

1996 (0-471-18647-3) 736 pp.


Fourth Edition

Edited by J. Brandrup, E. H. Immergut, and E. A. Grulke

Now in a fourth edition, the Polymer Handbook is one of the most comprehensive resources of fundamental, validated property data of polymeric materials necessary for polymer research. This edition boasts over 30% new material, covering such advances as the new pvt relationships and copolymer reactivity parameters. Improved nomenclature for better indexing and search and retrieval is also provided.

1999 (0-471-16628-6) 2336 pp.

Polyelectrolyte-Assisted Dewatering (R. Farinato, et al.).

Polymer-Colloid Interactions in Pulp and Paper Manufacture (R. Pelton).

Dual-Addition Schemes (G. Petzold).

Role of Polymers in Particle Adhesion and Thin Particle Layers (M. Böhmer, et al.).


Diffusion- Controlled Phenomena in Adsorbed Polymer Dynamics (M. Santore).

Depletion-Induced Aggregation and Colloidal Phase Separation (A. Milling & B. Vincent).

Polyelectrolyte Adsorption: Theory and Simulation (M. Muthukumar).

Small-Angle Neutron Methods in Polymer Adsorption Studies (T. Cosgrove, et al.).


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Surface Polymers (F. Blum).

Radiochemical Methods for Polymer Adsorption (J. Schlenoff).

Measurement of Colloidal Interactions Using the Atomic Force Microscope (P. Hartley).

Surface Forces Apparatus: Studies of Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, and Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Mixtures at Interfaces (P. Claesson).

Scanning Angle Reflectometry and Its Application to Polymer Adsorption and Coadsorption with Surfactants (R. Tilton).

Total Internal Reflectance Fluorescence (M. Santore).

Design and Applications of Oscillating Optical Tweezers for Direct Measurements of Colloidal Forces (H. Ou-Yang).

"...the whole volume is very satisfying to read." (Talanta, Vol 52, 2000)

"...can certainly be recommended to anyone about to become involved in the area of colloid-polymer interactions." (Angewandte Chemie, 4th August 2000)