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Colloid Stability and Application in Pharmacy

Colloid Stability and Application in Pharmacy

Tharwat F. Tadros (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-31463-8

Sep 2007

456 pages

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Bridging academic research and industrial applications, this is the first modern approach to relate fundamental research to the applied science of colloids. Edited by the 'l'éminence grise' on this topic and written by the top scientists in the field, this text examines the role of colloid and interface science in pharmacy, as well as pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery. It then goes on to treat pharmaceutical suspensions and emulsions, including multiple emulsions, as well as liposomes and the role of nanotechnology in drug delivery. A final section is devoted to the hot topic of stem cell research.
For surface and pharmaceutical chemists, physicochemists, chemical engineers and those working in the pharmaceutical industry.
Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Dispersions
Solubilization of a Poorly-soluble Aromatic Drug by Micellar Solutions of Amphiphilic Block Copoly(oxyalkylene)s
Controlling the Physical Stability of Liposomal Colloids
Mathematical Modeling of Coagulation and Flocculation of Colloidal Suspensions Incorporating the Influence of Surface Forces
Emulsion STability and Interfacial Properties
Wetting Film Dynamics and Stability
Measuring Forces in the Colloidal REgime with the Atomic Force Microscope
Ion Specificity in Colloidal Systems
Stabilization of Thin Films, Foams, Emulsions and Bifluid Gels with Surface-active Solid Particles
Forces in Aequous Nanofilms Containing Polyelectrolytes
Association between Polyelectrolytes and Oppositely Charged Surfactants in Bulk and at Solid/Liquid Interfaces
Nonionic Micelle Films: Thinning and Stability
PEGlated Polymer-based Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery to the Brain