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Colloidal Dispersions: Suspensions, Emulsions, and Foams

Colloidal Dispersions: Suspensions, Emulsions, and Foams

Ian D. Morrison, Sydney Ross

ISBN: 978-0-471-17625-1 March 2002 656 Pages


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From the basics to the most recent developments- A concise review of suspensions, emulsions, and foams
Updating and expanding their highly popular Colloidal Systems and Interfaces, Ian Morrison and Sydney Ross now provide authoritative coverage of the concepts and techniques applicable to suspensions, emulsions, and foams. Concisely yet thoroughly encompassing the significant developments of the past fourteen years, Colloidal Dispersions: Suspensions, Emulsions, and Foams describes a wide range of topics, including particles in liquids, interactions at interfaces, surfactants, and the technology of emulsions and foams. Industrial chemists and chemical engineers will discover among the book's insights recently developed computer-based methods that offer fast, precise measurements of particle concentration, size, and charge by acoustics, application of acid-base concepts to adsorption, the role of electric charges in nonpolar media, and the fundamentals of nanotechnology.
This new edition includes:
* Updated material and major advances in the field, including the development of new equipment
* In-depth instruction on methods for producing emulsions and suspensions
* Extensive industrial and practical applications of general principles
* Expanded sections on particle sizing, nonpolar dispersions, and polymer stabilization

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1. Optical Properties: Light Scattering.

2. Rheology.

3. Kinetic and Statistical Properties.

4. Particle Sizing.

5. Processing Methods for Making Emulsions and Suspensions.

6. Liquid Surfaces and Interfaces.

7. Liquid/Solid Interfaces.

8. Theories of Surface and Interfacial Energies.

9. Experimental Methods of Capillarity.

10. Wetting of Irregular Surfaces.

11. Surface-Active Solutes.

12. Physical Properties of Insoluble Monolayers.

13. Aqueous Solutions of Surface-Active Solutes.

14. Surface Activity in Nonpolar Media.

15. Thermodynamics of Adsorption from Solution.

16. The Relation of Capillarity to Phase Diagrams.

17. Electrical Charges in Dispersions.

18. Forces of Attraction Between Particles.

19. Forces of Repulsion.

20. Dispersion Stability.

21. Polymeric Stabilization.

22. Emulsions.

23. Foams.

24. Technology of Suspensions.

25. Special Systems.



"...explains colloidal phenomena related to suspensions, emulsions, and foams, summarizes practical theories, and lists suppliers and manufacturers." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)

" excellent book?recommended for both industrial and academic investigators?should be available in all polymer science libraries..." (Polymer News, Vol. 27, 2002)