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Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition

Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition

William J. Bacha Jr. , Linda M. Bacha

ISBN: 978-1-118-30135-7

Mar 2012, Wiley-Blackwell

356 pages



Designed to provide students with a foundation in understanding and interpreting histologic and cytologic preparations, Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology is a practical benchside reference focusing on the normal histology of eight common domestic species.   This Third Edition has been revised with new images, information, and updated terminology throughout.  Introductory chapters have also been expanded to offer more complete coverage of the basic types of tissues, providing an even more thorough grounding in the principles of histology.

For the first time, the more than 900 photomicrographs are available digitally in an interactive atlas on CD, offering images available for download with zoom capability.  The new edition of this veterinary-specific histology atlas provides veterinary and veterinary technician students with an essential pictorial resource for interpreting histologic preparations.

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Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3e Wiley Desktop Edition Set

This item: Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition

Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition

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Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition

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1 General Principles of Histology

2 Epithelium

3 Connective Tissue Proper and Embryonic Connective Tissue

4 Cartilage

5 Bone Tissue

6 Blood

7 Bone Marrow

8 Muscle Tissue

9 Nervous System

10 Cardiovascular System

11 Lymphatic System

12 Integument

13 Digestive System

14 Urinary System

15 Respiratory System

16 Endocrine System

17 Male Reproductive System

18 Female Reproductive System

19 The Eye

20 The Ear




“However, for novices tackling histology for the first time, the expansion of the introductory sections, helpful hints, information delivered mainly as coloured images and the interactive DVD, all make the third edition very attractive and user-friendly.”  (The Veterinary Journal, 1 August 2013)

“Despite those deficiencies, the book is fairly priced and is a one-of-a-kind English-language, educational resource.”   (Journal of The American Veterinary Medical Association, 15 March 2013)

“The CD provided will help you revising.  The key to passing your next “histo” exam is now available!.”  (Tomorrow's vets, 1 September 2013)

“The text would be helpful to students studying veterinary histology and as a reference for both veterinarians in practice and veterinary pathologists.”  (Australian Veterinary Journal, 1 April 2013)

"The revisions provide the latest information while a DVD with an interactive histology atlas offers zoom capability and more study review questions, making this a 'must' for any college-level collection appealing to veterinary students."  (Bookwatch, 1 December 2012)

“The great photographs in this book make it attractive, and draw the reader in to explore the attached text explaining the ways that the different types of tissue contribute to a working anatomy.”  (Veterinary Practice, 1 November 2012)
  • Offers a practical resource for interpreting histologic and cytologic preparations
  • Designed as a benchtop guide to aid in recognizing normal tissue components
  • Covers the histology of dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens
  • Revised with more and better photomicrographs, updated terminology, and expanded information
  • Expands on the introductory information on tissue types to provide a stronger foundation in histology
  • Includes an interactive histology atlas with zoom capability and images available for download on a companion CD