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Colors of the World: A Geography Of Color

Colors of the World: A Geography Of Color

Dominique Lenclos, Jean-Philippe Lenclos, Gregory Bruhn (Translator)

ISBN: 978-0-393-73147-7

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288 pages

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Colors of the World presents a chromatic journey through the colors of vernacular architecture from the United States to the far corners of the globe. Based on the ?eography of color?analysis method, which Jean-Philippe and Dominique Lenclos have elaborated through years of travel and research, this book examine the palettes of diverse habitats to reveal how geology, climate, light, sociocultural behavior, and the traditions of local residents and construction techniques uniquely shape a landscape? architectural personality and chromatic character. Through the visual evidence of over six hundred radiant color photographs, supplemented by watercolor sketches and chromatic synthesis charts, the Lencloses explain their system and provide a pertinent and objective comparison of assorted chromatic microcosms worldwide, as well as a fascinating look at the infinite diversity with which color expresses itself. From the chromatic delicacy of bamboo roofs in Japan to the tangy-hued house facades created from mineral pigments in African soils, Colors of the World offers a visually alluring survey of the significant chromatic personalities within local geographies, histories, and traditions in countries around the world. An accurate reflection of the colors of the world, this panorama will help designers to decide the colors of tomorrow. Contents include: The Geography of Color: A Chromatic Itinerary * Colors and Symbols * Construction Materials * D?ors and Surfaces * Analysis of a Site: Viviers, France * Maps of the World * United States * Guatemala * Brazil * Russia * South Africa * Algeria * Morocco * Iran * Yemen * India * Japan