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Colour Image Science: Exploiting Digital Media


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Colour Image Science: Exploiting Digital Media

Lindsay MacDonald (Editor), M. Ronnier Luo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-49927-5 October 2002 470 Pages

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The scope and importance of colour image science has grown rapidly in recent years. In parallel with the proliferation of consumer imaging products, the capabilities of colour displays, printers and digital cameras increase. New challenges for colour image science are emerging as cross-media image reproduction is applied in Internet and multimedia displays, motion pictures, digital television and augmented-reality systems.
Colour Image Science takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining aspects of human vision with colour image capture, processing and reproduction:
* Colour Vision - How we see and remember colours
* Multispectral Imaging - Capturing and storing images in more than 3 channels
* Image Processing - Correcting image colours and accessing databasess
* Gamut Mapping - How to render colours in cross-media image reproduction
* Image Quality - Metrics and methods for assessing images
Colour Image Science will appeal to a wide readership, including scientists and engineers involved in the research and development of colour imaging products. It will also be a valuable reference text for post-graduate students in computer science, digital imaging and multimedia programmes.
Preface (Lindsay MacDonald and Ronnier Luo)
Foreword ( Ian Gatley)

Section 1 -
Colour Vision

Perception of Transparency (Caterina Ripamonti & Stephen Westland)

Investigation of Human Colour Memory (Peter Bodrogi & Tünde Tarczali)

Perception of Colour Differences in Large Printed Images (Joan Uroz, Ján Morovic & Ronnier Luo)

Section 2 -
Multispectral Imaging

Evaluation of Multispectral Imaging (Yoichi Miyake & Kimiyoshi Miyata)

Spectral Colour Statistics of Surfaces (Mitch Thomson & Stephen Westland)

A Generalised Method for Spectral Scanner Characterisation (Friedhelm König & Patrick Herzog)

WebCam for Interactive Multispectral Measurements (Hans Brettel, Jon Yngve Hardeberg & Francis Schmitt)

Section 3 -
Image Processing

Spotting Colours (Georgina Kwei, Kobus Barnard & Brian Funt)

Colour Contrast in Adjacent Image Regions ( Alain Tré meau & Philippe Colantoni)

Indexing and Retrieval in Colour Image Databases (Raimondo Schettini, Gianluigi Ciocca & Silvia Zuffi)

A Spatial Colour Gamut Calculation to Optimise Colour Appearance (John McCann)

Section 4 -
Gamut Mapping

How Different are Colour Gamuts in Cross-Media Colour Reproduction? ( Já n Morovic & Pei-Li Sun)

Gamut Compression Algorithms based on Experimental Observer Data (Byoung-Ho Kang, Maeng-Sub Cho, Já n Morovic & Ronnier Luo)

A Topographic Gamut Mapping Algorithm (Lindsay MacDonald, Já n Morovic & Kaida Xiao)

Gamut Mapping for High Quality Print Reproduction (Phil Green & Ronnier Luo)

Gamut Mapping along Curved Lines (Hendrik Büring & Patrick Herzog)

Section 5 -
Image Quality

Modelling Colour Appearance, Spatial Vision and Image Quality (Mark Fairchild)

Metric Approaches to Image Quality (Ralph Jacobson & Sophie Triantaphillidou)

Image Quality and Colour Categorisation (Sergej Yendrikhovskij)

How to Make Pictures and Please People (Robert Hunt)
"...this book is both pleasant and essential reading, and an invaluable reference source for the future." (Coloration Technology, Issue 3, 2003)