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Colour Imaging: Vision and Technology

Colour Imaging: Vision and Technology

Lindsay MacDonald (Editor), M. Ronnier Luo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98531-0

Oct 1999

440 pages

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Colour Imaging Vision and Technology Edited by Lindsay W. MacDonald and M. Ronnier Luo University of Derby, UK With every new computer now equipped with CD-ROM and high quality colour display and sound capabilities, multimedia imaging has become part of mainstream computing. Pressure is on developers to produce applications that make use of these facilities. This book examines the key enabling technologies for such applications including digital colour imaging, spanning the capture, processing, encoding, transmission and reproduction of realistic colour images.
* Extensive coverage of the multimedia materials and Web pages
* Improving quality of presentation
* Covers a wide range of areas including colour imaging and multimedia user interface
* Colour illustrations
Colour Imaging will appeal to a wide-ranging audience and is primarily aimed at colour engineers, colour researchers and developers. It is also a valuable reference guide for undergraduates, MSc level students in colour imaging, new media developers and manufacturers of imaging equipment. Visit Our Web Page!

Why is Black and White so Important in Colour? (R. Hunt).

Investigations into Multiscale Retinex (MSR) (K. Barnard & B. Funt).

Colour Prediction Using the Von Kries Transform (W. Praefcke & F. König).

Web Design for the Colour-Blind User (H. Brettel & F. Viénot).

Illuminant Estimation and Colour Correction (P. Hubel, et al.).


Challenges for Colour Science in Multimedia Imaging (R. Berns).

A Multispectral Scanner (F. König & W. Praefcke).

Multispectral Image Acquisition and Simulation of Illuminant Changes (J. Hardeberg, et al.).

Color Coordinate Conversion via Neural Networks (S. Tominaga).

A New Method for Characterizing Colour Printing Devices (J. Van de Capelle & B. Meireson).


Colour Image Engineering for Multimedia Systems (L. MacDonald).

Maintaining Colour Accuracy in Images Transferred Across the Internet (D. Saunders, et al.).

Specifying and Visualizing Colour Gamut Boundaries (P. Herzog).

Developing Algorithms for Universal Colour Gamut Mapping (J. Morovic & M. Luo).


Image Quality Evaluation (J. Farrell).

Determination of Compressed Image Quality (A. Ford).

Objective Quality Estimation for Digital Images in Multimedia Environments (N. Gerfelder & W. Müller).

Towards Perceptually Optimal Colour Reproduction of Natural Scenes (S. Yendrikhovskij, et al.).

Colour Science: Past, Present and Future (M. Luo).