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Coming Out of Feminism?

Mandy Merck (Editor), Naomi Segal (Editor), Elizabeth Wright (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86701-8 September 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 274 Pages


Has Queer Theory 'grown out' of Feminism - in both senses? If it has, is that process a coming-out story?
List of Contributors.



1. Sexualities without Genders and other Queer Utopias: Biddy Martin.

2. Sexual Traffic: Gayle Rubin (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Judith Butler (University of California, Berkeley).

3. Sissies and Sisters: Gender, Sexuality and the Possibilities of Coalition: William Spurlin (Columbia University).

4. Reflections on Gynophobia: Emily Apter (UCLA).

5. Mother, Can't You See I'm Burning? Between Female Homosexuality and Homosociality in Radclyffe Hall's The Unlit Lamp: Trevor Hope (University of Rochester).

6. Desiring Machines? Queer Re-visions of Feminist Film Theory: Carole-Anne Tyler (University of California, Riverside).

7. André Gide and the Niece's Seduction: Naomi Segal (University of Reading).

8. Savage Nights: Mandy Merck.

9. Coming Out of the Real: Knots and Queries: Elizabeth Wright (Girton College, Cambridge).


* Comprehensive coverage of the recent history of lesbian and gay studies, setting out its debates, principles and controversies. Central to the volume is a detailed exploration of the relation between these two bodies of theory and branches of identity politics.
* Brings the reader up to date with the theoretical questions of gender and identity politics.
* The volume's editors are well-known and respected figures in the field. This collection brings together newly-commissioned writings of the leading theorists in the field of feminist studies and lesbian and gay studies.