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Communication Skills In Medicine

Communication Skills In Medicine

Charles R. K. Hind (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91152-0

May 1997, BMJ Books

186 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Little training is given to doctors in breaking bad news to patients and their families. Stories of heartless behaviour by doctors ill-equipped for the task are rife. This user friendly book will help all health care workers to face the situation more confidently. Written by specialists in each field, it provides practical guidance on all types of situations
Talking to the parents of a baby with perinatal brain injuries, Steven Ryan; telling parents their child has severe congenital anomalies, Steven Ryan; supporting relatives following a cot death, Barbara M. Phillips; the child in whom you suspect non-accidental injury or sexual abuse, Marion Miles; talking to the parents of a child who is brain dead, Alistair W. Blair and Christopher R. Steer; communicating with young adults with cystic fibrosis, Anthony K. Webb; counselling your patient for an HIV blood test, Sheila Moss et al; telling your patient he or she has multiple sclerosis, Helen L. Ford and Michael H. Johnson; telling your patient he or she has cancer, Dawn L. Alison; dealing with the difficult patient, Sam P. Smith; discussing the question of resuscitation with the patient and relatives, Kevin Stewart; telling relatives that a family member has died suddenly, Jonathan Marrow; asking relatives for a postmortem examination, Simon J. Sherwood and Roger D. Start.