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Communication in Poultry Grower Relations: A Blueprint to Success

Communication in Poultry Grower Relations: A Blueprint to Success

Larry Cole PhD

ISBN: 978-0-470-37672-0

Sep 2008

243 pages



Communication in Poultry Grower Relations shows a process used to continuously improve the working relationship between integrators and their growers. A special feature is the "how to" format in which this book details the relationship process so a company and its growers can implement the procedures discussed.

The book also provides a comprehensive discussion on the dynamics associated with corporate culture changes. The reader will learn how to manage the resistance associated with each of the five phases of change to successfully implement the improvements in the company-grower working relationship.

Acknowledgments; Introduction; Where we are is from where we came; Inverting the pyramid; Creating a grower-relations corporate culture; Moments of truth - The keys to successful working relationships; Growers speak to the issue of creating the ideal company-grower working relationship; knowing what needs to be known; Making decisions closer to the grower; Implementing the WOW! factor; Building bridges on the way to grower relations; Leading change; Integrating the parts to make the whole; How to Contact the Author; Appendix A: Growere Relation Survey; Appendix B: Delmarva Survey; Appendix C: Flock Services Report; Appendix D: Excellence in Grower Relations; Appendix E: What Can Be Done to Create a WOW!?; Appendix F: Poultry and Environmental Dialogue
* US history of the poultry industry
* inverting the organisational pyramid to produce teamwork and excellent grower-company relationships
* vision statements that exemplify different approaches
* establishing trust among growers and employees in live production, live haul, the hatchery and the feed mill
* department specific training for employees
* delegating authority to make decisions
* the WOW! factor to add value when a major disruption occurs
* overcoming resistance to change
* grower relations surveys