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Community-Based Health Organizations: Advocating for Improved Health

Community-Based Health Organizations: Advocating for Improved Health

Marcia Bayne Smith, Yvonne Graham, Sally Guttmacher

ISBN: 978-0-787-97775-7

Apr 2005, Jossey-Bass

400 pages


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Community-Based Health Organizations presents the basic principles and practical design and management elements that are needed to create an effective community-based health organization. Once in place, these institutions provide a viable health delivery alternative to traditional, mainstream health care organizations. This important resource includes a historical and theoretical overview of the development of community-based health care organizations and offers guidance for developing the structure and capacity of CBHOs to effectively meet the health needs within their communities. Filled with illustrative examples and case studies, Community-Based Health Organizations is designed to be a practical resource. The authors show how to develop leadership and strategic plans, strengthen management, leverage and maximize resources, evaluate programs, and position a CBHO in a changing and competitive health care environment.
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits.

Foreword (Mary E. Northridge).



Part One: The Context of Community-Based Health Organizations (CBHOs).

1. Historical and Organizational Frameworks of Community-Based Health Organizations in the United States (Marcia Bayne Smith).

2. CBHOs: Improving Health Through Community Development (Marcia Bayne Smith)

Part Two: Community-Based Health Organizations: Essential Functions and Ongoing Challenges.

3. CBHOs: A Research Report (Marcia Bayne Smith, Sally Guttmacher).

4. Case Study: The Health Keepers Model of Service Delivery (Yvonne J. Graham).

Part Three: The CBHO Environment and Models for the Future 201

5. The Political and Economic Management of CBHOs (Marcia Bayne Smith).

6. Planning for Sustainability (Yvonne J. Graham).

7. The Future of CBHOs: Improving Health Outcomes for Everyone (Marcia Bayne Smith, Yvonne J. Graham).

The Authors.

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