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Community-Based Research and Higher Education: Principles and Practices

Community-Based Research and Higher Education: Principles and Practices

Kerry J. Strand, Nicholas Cutforth, Randy Stoecker, Sam Marullo, Patrick Donohue

ISBN: 978-0-787-97126-7

Jun 2003, Jossey-Bass

304 pages



Community-Based Research and Higher Education is the long-awaited guide to how to incorporate a powerful and promising new form of scholarship into academic settings. The book presents a model of community-based research (CBR) that engages community members with students and faculty in the course of their academic work. Unlike traditional academic research, CBR is collaborative and change-oriented and finds its research questions in the needs of communities. This dynamic research model combines classroom learning with social action in ways that can ultimately empower community groups to address their own agendas and shape their own futures. At the same time it emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills that truly prepare students for active civic engagement.
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About the Authors.

1. Origins and Principles of Community-Based Research.

2. Why Do Community-Based Research? Benefits and Principles of Successful Partnerships.

3. Community Partnership Practices.

4. Methodological Principles of Community-Based Research.

5. Research Practices in Community-Based Research.

6. Community-Based Research as a Teaching Strategy.

7. Teaching Community-Based Research: The Challenges.

8. Organizing for Community-Based Research: Principles and Models of Campus-Based Administrative Structures.

9. Managing Community-Based Research: Practical Matters.

10. A Look to the Future.