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Community Midwifery Practice

Jenny Edwins (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-14895-5 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 282 Pages


The role of the community midwife differs dramatically from that of a hospital based practitioner but many midwifes entering this area of practice may not feel well equipped for this diverse experience. Community Midwifery Practice is the first text specifically tailored to meet the needs of community midwives, providing a practical, skills-based guide to improving and underpinning their day-to-day practice with an emphasis on ‘normal’ birth and the importance of developing relationships with the women they are charged with helping.

This accessible text includes information on the broad range of skills required by midwives working in community settings, providing practical guidance on issues such as supporting women with HIV/AIDS, issues surrounding domestic abuse, perinatal mental health, and pelvic girdle pain. Community Midwifery Practice will provide all midwives who work in community placements with a comprehensive, accessible tool designed to assist them in all aspects of their practice.

Chapter 1 Introduction – Ways of working in the community.

Chapter 2 Watching and waiting: the facilitation of birth at home.

Chapter 3 Home birth against advice.

Chapter 4 Physiological third stage of labour and birth at home.

Chapter 5 Teaching antenatal Classes – how can midwives deliver?.

Chapter 6 Newborn screening revisited: what midwives need to know.

Chapter 7 Breast feeding and the role of the community midwife.

Chapter 8 Safeguarding children.

Chapter 9 Peri-natal mental health.

Chapter 10 Supporting pregnant women living with HIV.

Chapter 11 Domestic abuse – Supporting women and asking the question.

Chapter 12 Pelvic Girdle Pain – formerly known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

"Every chapter in itself was well written, informative and covered the topics thoroughly with a good evidence base and some useful practical advice, the different authors brought their own style to their own style to their topics, making the book very readable." (Practising Midwife, January 2009)

  • Practical and skills-based
  • Specifically tailored to meet the needs of community midwives
  • Includes community based scenarios and case studies
  • Readable and accessible