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Community Voices: Health Matters

Community Voices: Health Matters

Henrie M. Treadwell, Marguerite Ro, Leda Perez

ISBN: 978-0-470-93498-2

Jan 2011, Jossey-Bass

384 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Community Voices: Healthcare for the Underserved initiative is a group of community-based demonstration projects launched in 1998 to combat barriers to care and dedicated to finding real-life ways to provide greater access to quality health care to the underserved and uninsured people in America.

Despite shrinking budgets, rising costs, and bureaucratic red tape, Community Voices programs are influencing the policy debate within their states. Community Voices: Health Matters chronicles the remarkable accomplishments of eight Community Voices "learning laboratories" that took on the challenge of improving and assuring health care for the underserved in their communities.

Community Voices offers a compilation of the innovative health care concepts and programs implemented within these eight communities that are making inroads to creating a policy blueprint for the nation.

Community Voices offers a realistic design for ensuring well-being for the millions of health care-challenged citizens in our nation.

Foreword (Mary E. Northridge).

Preface (Dr. David Satcher).


The Authors.

Introduction: The Power of Communities: Breaking a Legacy of Inequity and Disparity (Henrie M. Treadwell and Marguerite J. Ro).

Part One.

1 Baltimore Community Voices: Serving the Uninsured and Underserved Through Coalition-Building and Special Attention to Men's Health (Dennis G. Cherot and Michelle L. Spencer).

2 Denver Health Community Voices: Working to Improve Health Through Experimentation, Linkages, Leveraging and Transformation (Elizabeth Whitley).

3 Ingham Community Voices: Health Coverage and Health Equity Through Public Health Leadership and Community Building (Doak Bloss, Melany Mack, and Bruce Bragg).

4 Community Voices Miami: Building Spaces and Relationships That Promote Promising Practices and Access to Health Care (Leda M. Pérez and Elise M. Linder).

5 Community Voices New Mexico: Integrating Practice with Policy for Health and Well-Being (Wayne Powell and Daniel Derksen).

6 FirstHealth Community Voices, North Carolina: From Practice to Policy (Barbara Bennett, Lisa G. Hartsock, and Roxanne Leopper).

7 Northern Manhattan Community Voices Collaborative: Forging Partnerships to Advance Social and Political Change in Health Care Access (Jacqueline Martinez and Allan J. Formicola).

8 Oakland Community Voices: A Case Study in the Power of Advocacy in Providing “Sanctuary” and Pathways to Health Care (Luella J. Penserga, Sherry Hirota , and Jane Garcia).

Part Two Introduction: Communicating the Change: The Role of the Community Voice in Building the Policy and Intellectual Basis for Community-Based Access to Care (Henrie M. Treadwell and Melva Robertson).

9 Health Disparity and Vulnerable Populations Confronting Racism and Sexism to Improve Men's Health (Henrie M. Treadwell, Mary E. Northridge, and Traci N. Bethea).

10 Determining What We Stand for Will Guide What We Do: Community Priorities, Ethical Research Paradigms, and Research with Vulnerable Populations (Leda M. Pérez and Henrie M. Treadwell).

11 “Oral Health Is the Measure of a Just Society” (Henrie M. Treadwell and Mary E. Northridge).

12 Poverty, Race, and the Invisible Men (Henrie M. Treadwell and Marguerite J. Ro).

13 Reducing Unhealthy Behaviors (Georges C. Benjamin).

14 Community Health Workers: Social Justice and Policy Advocates for Community Health and Well-Being (Leda M. Pérez and Jacqueline Martinez).

15 Standing in the Gap (Henrie M. Treadwell and Joyce H. Nottingham).

16 Strengthening the Oral Health Safety Net: Delivery Models That Improve Access to Oral Health Care for Uninsured and Underserved Populations (Allan J. Formicola, Marguerite J. Ro, Stephen Marshall, Daniel Derksen, Wayne Powell, Lisa G. Hartsock, and Henrie M. Treadwell).

17 Vulnerable Populations, Prison, and Federal and State Medicaid Policies: Avoiding the Loss of a Right to Care (Leda M. Pérez, Marguerite J. Ro, and Henrie M. Treadwell).

18 Web-Based Primary Care Referral Program Associated with Reduced Emergency Department Utilization (Michael Murnik, Fornessa Randal, Mary Guevara, Betty Skipper, and Arthur Kaufman).

19 2007 Denver Men's Health Report Card.

20 2007 North Carolina Men's Health Report Card.

Conclusion: When the Community Voices Initiative Began, We Did Not Know What We Did Not Know. . . .(Henrie M. Treadwell, Barbara J. Sabol, Kisha Braithwaite Holden, and Ronald L. Braithwaite).

Afterword: Now That We “Know What We Know,” What Is to Be Done?” (Gail C. Christopher).