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CompTIA A+ Complete Deluxe Study Guide Recommended Courseware: Exams 220-801 and 220-802, 2nd Edition

CompTIA A+ Complete Deluxe Study Guide Recommended Courseware: Exams 220-801 and 220-802, 2nd Edition

Quentin Docter, Emmett Dulaney, Toby Skandier

ISBN: 978-1-118-32406-6

Oct 2012

1232 pages


Everything you need to prepare for the CompTIA A+ exams

CompTIA A+ is the most sought-after certification for PC technicians. This guide covers every aspect of the required exams 220-801 and 220-802. Fully updated to cover the latest best practices, current software and hardware, and mobile OSes, this Deluxe guide also includes an exclusive bonus CD featuring additional practice exams, flashcards, instructional videos, and the entire e-book in ePDF, eMobi, and ePub versions.

  • Includes a coupon for 10% Off CompTIA Certification Exams
  • Fully updated to cover the latest exams and exam objectives
  • Covers personal computer components, laptops and portable devices, operating systems, printers and scanners, networks, security, safety and environmental issues, communication, and professionalism
  • Bonus CD features the Sybex Test Engine with additional practice exams, twice the electronic flashcards as the Standard edition, and eMobi, ePub, and ePDF versions of the book

CompTIA A+ Complete Deluxe Study Guide, 2nd Edition is a complete test-prep guide that will help you pass the A+ exam with confidence.

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Introduction xxxi

Assessment Test liv

Part I 220-801 1

Chapter 1 Motherboards, Processors, and Memory 3

Chapter 2 Storage Devices and Power Supplies 69

Chapter 3 Peripherals and Expansion 125

Chapter 4 Display Devices 197

Chapter 5 Custom Configurations 235

Chapter 6 Networking Fundamentals 261

Chapter 7 Introduction to TCP/IP 309

Chapter 8 Installing Wireless and SOHO Networks 337

Chapter 9 Understanding Laptops 395

Chapter 10 Installing and Configuring Printers 445

Chapter 11 Understanding Operational Procedures 501

Part II 220-802 559

Chapter 12 Operating System Basics 561

Chapter 13 Operating System Administration 607

Chapter 14 Working with Windows 7 665

Chapter 15 Working with Windows Vista 709

Chapter 16 Working with Windows XP 747

Chapter 17 Security 797

Chapter 18 Mobile Devices 837

Chapter 19 Troubleshooting Theory, OSs, and Security 929

Chapter 20 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 981

Appendix A Answers to Review Questions 1041

Appendix B Answers to Performance-Based Questions 1075

Appendix C About the Additional Study Tools 1099

Index 1103

CompTIA Voucher Discount
ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
9440Text correction to Chapter 9 Review Question 6
The question should read: How many pins can a MicroDIMM module have? (choose two)

Appendix A1056Text correction: Error in Answer to Chapter 9 Review Question 6
The answer should be B, C. The explanation should read: MicroDIMMs can have 144, 172, or 214 pins.