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CompTIA Network+ Study Guide Authorized Courseware: Exam N10-005, 2nd Edition

CompTIA Network+ Study Guide Authorized Courseware: Exam N10-005, 2nd Edition

Todd Lammle

ISBN: 978-1-118-13755-0

Jan 2012

816 pages


Todd Lammle's CompTIA Network+ Authorized Study Guide for the N10-005 exam!

CompTIA's Network+ certification tells the world you have the skills to install, configure, and troubleshoot today's basic networking hardware peripherals and protocols. But first, you have to pass the exam! This detailed CompTIA Authorized study guide by networking guru Todd Lammle has everything you need to prepare for the CompTIA's new Network+Exam N10-005. All exam objectives are covered. He thoroughly explains key topics, offers plenty of practical examples, and draws upon his own invaluable 25+ years of networking experience to help you learn.

  • Prepares you for Exam N10-005, the new CompTIA Network+ Exam.
  • Covers all exam objectives including network technologies, network installation and configuration, network media and topologies, security, and much more.
  • Includes practical examples review questions, as well as access to practice exams and flashcards to reinforce learning. Go to to register and download these tools.
  • Networking guru and expert author Todd Lammle offers invaluable insights and tips drawn from real-world experience.

Prepare for the exam and enhance your career with the CompTIA Authorized CompTIA Network+ Study Guide, Second Edition.

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Foreword xxv

Introduction xxix

Assessment Test li

Chapter 1 Introduction to Networks 1

Chapter 2 The Open Systems Interconnection Specifications 27

Chapter 3 Networking Topologies, Connectors, and Wiring Standards 53

Chapter 4 The Current Ethernet Specifications 87

Chapter 5 Networking Devices 115

Chapter 6 Introduction to the Internet Protocol 155

Chapter 7 IP Addressing 189

Chapter 8 IP Subnetting, Troubleshooting IP, and Introduction to NAT 211

Chapter 9 Introduction to IP Routing 253

Chapter 10 Routing Protocols 273

Chapter 11 Switching and Virtual LANs 297

Chapter 12 Wireless Networking 335

Chapter 13 Authentication and Access Control 375

Chapter 14 Network Threats and Mitigation 413

Chapter 15 Physical and Hardware Security 449

Chapter 16 Wide Area Networks 485

Chapter 17 Troubleshooting Tools 515

Chapter 18 Software and Hardware Tools 569

Chapter 19 Network Troubleshooting 595

Chapter 20 Management, Monitoring, and Optimization 635

Appendix A Answers to Review Questions 669

Appendix B Answers to Written Labs 703

Appendix C Subnetting Class A 717

Appendix D About the Additional Study Tools 725

Index 729

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ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
373-4Errors in captions: Figures 3.19 and 3.20,Both captions refer to wireless standards. 568A and 568B are wiring standards. The caption for 3.20 should read 568B .6/28/131st & 2nd
17696Text correction: Error in Answer to Chapter 17 Review Question 19,Option F, ifconfig, is not a correct answer.
The answer should read B, E. The nslookup and ipconfig will show you the DNS servers that a computer is configured to use.