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Companion to Chemical Thermodynamics, 6th Edition

Companion to Chemical Thermodynamics, 6th Edition

Irving M. Klotz , Robert M. Rosenberg

ISBN: 978-0-471-37220-2

Mar 2000

184 pages

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Companion to Chemical Thermodynamics accompanies the newly published Chemical Thermodynamics, 6th Edition, a well-known upper-division undergraduate/graduate text on classical thermodynamics.
Chapter 2 Mathematical Preparation for Thermodynamics.

Chapter 3 The First Law of Thermodynamics.

Chapter 4 Enthalpy, Enthalpy of Reaction, and Heat Capacity.

Chapter 5 Application of the First Law to Gases.

Chapter 6 The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Chapter 7 Equilibrium and Spontaneity for Systems at Constant Temperature: The Gibbs, Helmholtz, Planck, and Massieu Functions.

Chapter 8 Application of the Gibbs Function and the Planck Function to Some Phase Changes.

Chapter 9 The Third Law of Thermodynamics.

Chapter 10 Application of the Gibbs and the Planck Function to Chemical Changes.

Chapter 11 Thermodynamics of Systems of Variable Composition.

Chapter 12 Mixtures of Gases.

Chapter 13 The Phase Rule.

Chapter 14 The Ideal Solution.

Chapter 15 Dilute Solutions of Nonelectrolytes.

Chapter 16 Activities, Excess Gibbs Functions, and Standard States for Nonelectrolytes.

Chapter 17 Determination of Nonelectrolyte Activities and Excess Gibbs Functions from Experimental Data.

Chapter 18 Calculation of Partial Molar Quantities and Excess Molar Quantities from Experimental Data: Volume And Enthalpy.

Chapter 19 Activity, Activity Coefficients, and Osmotic Coefficients of Strong Electrolytes.

Chapter 20 Changes in Gibbs Function for Processes Involving Solutions.

Chapter 21 Systems Subject to a Gravitational Field.

Chapter 22 Estimation of Thermodynamic Quantities.

Chapter 23 Practical Mathematical Techniques.
"A solutions manual to accompany the textbook...intended for both instructors and students." (SciTech Book News, March 2001)