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Company Accounting, 11th Edition

Company Accounting, 11th Edition

Ken Leo, Jeffrey Knapp, Susan McGowan, John Sweeting

ISBN: 978-0-730-34354-7

Sep 2017

200 pages

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Company Accounting, 11th Edition (Leo et al.) has been updated to reflect the various and ongoing reforms as a result of Australia’s adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The text provides students with a comprehensive overview of the practice and principles of company accounting and helps them develop the practical grounding to reinforce their understanding. The 11th edition presents essential ‘must know’ information on accounting for a corporate entity and the requirements for externally disclosing the financial position of the entity.

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Chapter 1. Nature and regulation of companies

Chapter 2. Financing company operations

Chapter 3. Business combinations

Chapter 4. Disclosure: legal requirements and accounting policies

Chapter 5. Disclosure: presentation of financial statements

Chapter 6. Disclosure: statement of cash flows

Chapter 7. Foreign currency transactions and forward exchange contracts

Chapter 8. Translation of financial statements into a presentation currency

Chapter 9. Consolidation: controlled entities

Chapter 10. Consolidation: wholly owned subsidiaries

Chapter 11. Consolidation: intragroup transactions

Chapter 12. Consolidation: non-controlling interest

Chapter 13. Consolidation: other issues

Chapter 14. Associates and joint ventures

Chapter 15. Joint arrangements

Chapter 16. Insolvency and liquidation

Chapter 17:  Accounting for company income tax

Chapter 18:  Property, plant & equipment


  • Hear from Practitioners: Exclusive videos from high-profile practitioners to provide insights into the real-world application of accounting.
  • Group Accounting Focus: This new edition has been restructured to align with a group accounting course, focusing on disclosures and consolidations.
  • Interactive Revision Sets: Revision questions at the end of every section help students check their comprehension and get immediate feedback.
  • Search Functionality: The full text search functionality allows students to quickly identify all instances of a key word or phrase.
  • Highlight and Annotate: The colour-coded highlights and note-taking application allow students to tag and add their own notes to important content.
  • Note Exporting: Students can copy and export sections of text together with bibliographical information and print out selected content to prepare for exams.