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Comparative Statistical Inference, 3rd Edition

Comparative Statistical Inference, 3rd Edition

Vic Barnett

ISBN: 978-0-471-97643-1 August 1999 410 Pages


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This fully updated and revised third edition, presents a wide ranging, balanced account of the fundamental issues across the full spectrum of inference and decision-making. Much has happened in this field since the second edition was published: for example, Bayesian inferential procedures have not only gained acceptance but are often the preferred methodology. This book will be welcomed by both the student and practising statistician wishing to study at a fairly elementary level, the basic conceptual and interpretative distinctions between the different approaches, how they interrelate, what assumptions they are based on, and the practical implications of such distinctions.

As in earlier editions, the material is set in a historical context to more powerfully illustrate the ideas and concepts.

  • Includes fully updated and revised material from the successful second edition
  • Recent changes in emphasis, principle and methodology are carefully explained and evaluated
  • Discusses all recent major developments
  • Particular attention is given to the nature and importance of basic concepts (probability, utility, likelihood etc)
  • Includes extensive references and bibliography

Written by a well-known and respected author, the essence of this successful book remains unchanged providing the reader with a thorough explanation of the many approaches to inference and decision making.

Introduction: Statistical Inference and Decision-making.

An Illustration of the Different Approaches.


Utility and Decision-making.

Classical Inference.

Bayesian Inference.

Decision Theory.

Other Approaches.