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Compass Managerial Practices Profile, Action Guide



Compass Managerial Practices Profile, Action Guide


ISBN: 978-0-787-94434-6 May 1998 Pfeiffer 48 Pages


Solve the management mystery!What makes a great manager?

This question is essential to the success of your organization.This instrument package is a field-tested, proven-effective toolthat gauges a manager's abilities and suggests areas forimprovement.

At the heart of the remarkable management program is the ManagerialPractices Profile. The Self version of the questionnaire--includedin the Participant's Workbook--allows a manager to rate his of herown performance. The Observer questionnaire allows the manager'sdirect reports, collleagues, and boss to assess the manager'sskills.

After managers receive this insightful feedback report, they'll usethe dynamic Participant's Workbook to identify action steps thatwill best suppport their professional development.You'll useCompass to:[internal bullet begin]**individual development**buildeffective management teams**promote organizational development . .. and more!The Facilitator's Guide includes:
* All the information you'll need to run a Compass workshop at yourorganization: step-by-step instructions for presenting a half- orone-day Compass workshop, a set of reproducible handout andtransparency masters, and more!
* The powerful Windows-compatible Scoring Software, which scoresthe questionnaires, generates feedback reports, and enables you todeliver the questionnaire via diskette of LAN ( local areanetwork
A sample copy of the Participant's Workbook--which includes theSelf questionnaire--along with the Observer questionnaire.

SOFTWAREWhat you need to run Compass Scoring Software: Windows 95of NT running on a PC 486 CPU or better (Pentium preferred), with aCD-ROM drive. Minimum 8 MB RAM (16 MB+ recommAnded). If you do nothave a CD-ROM drive, or if you are using Windows 3.1, freeinstallation diskettes are available when you order yourFacilitator's Guide--just ask!

Interpret the Profiles with the free Scoring Software included inthe Facilitator's Guide ot get a comprehensive 360 feedback reportthat details:
* Which practices are essential to the manager's job
* How frequently the manager uses each practice
>RecommAndations for how frequently the manager should use eachpracticeStreamline your preparation and SAVE over 20%! Purchase oneParticipant Package for each manager in your program and geteverything you need.