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Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods, Volume 4

Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods, Volume 4

Leroy G. Wade Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-470-12597-7 November 2006 520 Pages


Compendium of Organic Synthetic Methods Volume III Louis S. Hegedus& Leroy G. Wade, Jr. Presents the new synthetic methods forpreparation of monofunctional compounds for 1974, 1975, and 1976.Sections correspond to most of the possible interconversionsbetween the major functional groups. In addition, the volumecontains examples of new methods of preparation of difunctionalcompounds formed from pairs of the major functional groups. 1977 (0471-36752-4) 495 pages Compendium of Organic Synthetic MethodsVolume II Ian T. Harrison & Shuyen Harrison ". a valuablesupplement to their earlier volume. Not only does it contain manyadditional examples of methods of preparing monofunctionalcompounds, but it also contains a new section covering preparationof difunctional compounds.. particularly useful for the syntheticorganic chemist who wishes to locate fairly quickly a recipe for asimple functional group transformation." --Laboratory Practice 1974(0 471-35551-8) 437 pages Compendium of Organic Synthetic MethodsVolume I Ian T. Harrison & Shuyen Harrison A compilation oforganic functional group transformations, including 3000 syntheticmethods presented in the form of reactions with leading references.Divided into sections corresponding to all possibleinterconversions between the major functional groups: acetylene,carboxylic acid, alcohol, etc. Other parts deal with the protectionof carboxylic acids, alcohols, aldehydes, amines, and ketones. "Avery usable volume . deserves a Wide sale." --Journal of theAmerican Chemical Society 1971 (0 471-35550-X) 529 pages

Index, Monofunctional Compounds.

Index, Difunctional Compounds.


Preparation of Acetylenes.

Preparation of Carboxylic Acids, Acid Halides, andAnhydrides.

Preparation of Alcohols and Phenols.

Preparation of Aldehydes.

Preparation of Alkyls, Methylenes, and Aryls.

Preparation of Amides.

Preparation of Amines.

Preparation of Esters.

Preparation of Ethers and Epoxides.

Preparation of Halides and Sulfonates.

Preparation of Hydrides.

Preparation of Ketones.

Preparation of Nitriles.

Preparation of Olefins.

Preparation of Difunctional Compounds.