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Compensation in Organizations: Current Research and Practice

Compensation in Organizations: Current Research and Practice

Sara L. Rynes (Editor), Barry Gerhart (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-95274-7

Apr 2000

448 pages

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Join the latest debate on the issues surrounding employment compensation. In Compensation and Organizations, a number of leading I/O psychologists and researchers explore the tremendous impact that recent changes in market conditions have had on today's compensation practices and outcomes. They delve into the effects that compensation has on employee performance, satisfaction, and attraction and retention, and examine the roles of pay strategy, pay risk, and the changing employment contract on pay packages and pay outcomes. They also offer nine general principles for constructing effective incentive systems. It's a broad-ranging work that summarizes the most important trends and conclusions in this important field and highlights areas in need of further research.


The Authors.

Psychological Research on Determinants of Pay: Review, Evaluation, and Suggestions for Future Research (S. Rynes & J. Bono).

Compensation, Attraction, and Retention (A. Barber & R. Bretz).

Compensation Attitudes: A Review and RecommAndation for Future Research (H. Heneman & T. Judge).

Incentives and Motivation (K. Bartol & E. Locke).

Compensation Strategy and Firm Performance (B. Gerhart).

The Effects of Changes in the Nature of Work on Compensation (R. Heneman, et al.).

Bringing Organization and Labor Relations into Psychological Research on Compensation (P. Sherer).

Psychological Contract Issues in Compensation (D. Rousseau & V. Ho).

Rethinking Compensation Risk (R. Wiseman, et al.).

Concluding Remarks.
""I can summarize my recommendation concerning Compensation in Organizations in one sentence: get this book and read it carefully."" (Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 1/02)