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Competitive Quality and Innovation

Competitive Quality and Innovation

Pierre Maillard

ISBN: 978-1-848-21759-1

Dec 2015, Wiley-ISTE

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All industrialized countries are stepping up efforts to revive economic activity through innovation. They use innovation to find solutions to the problems of the Company, and to operate as soon as possible the results of scientific research which represent an important source of competitive growth.

The fundamental problems of our Company is focused on environmental protection, energy saving and searching for better use of renewable energy, recycling of raw materials, management of migration caused by social imbalances -economic and performance information and transportation, the growth of the human population, and the aging of the population means.

For example, without therapeutic innovations life of the human being would not be much longer. Without technological innovation, transportation would not have been as reliable, fast and comfortable. Without technological innovation, the number and diversity of products would not have reached its current level.  Innovation accelerates change and we use innovation to control the acceleration or use it.

But, against paradoxically destabilizing innovation and the consumer gets used and often expected innovation. There is less and less attracted by innovation, and must fit into systems increasingly complex.  The risks of failure are therefore increasingly large. The finding of this new economic dynamic, highlights the need to introduce quality initiatives in the innovation process to increase the chances of success for companies that want to grow through innovation.

This book presents the key benchmarks that characterize these new practices of quality in the processes of innovation.


Chapter 1 The concept of innovation

Chapter 2 Quality of competitive innovation

Chapter 3 Tactics "quality" competitive

Chapter 4 Marketing quality of innovation

Chapter 5 The fuels 'quality' of innovation

Chapter 6 Issuers of fuels 'quality'

Chapter 7 Qualification issuers

Chapter 8 Validation of quality marketing

Chapter 9 Turning control transmitters

Chapter 10 Monitoring of the perceived quality

Chapter 11 Insurance gains

Chapter 12 The role of the quality department

Chapter 13 Quality Culture Project Team