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Competitive Strategy Dynamics

Kim Warren

ISBN: 978-0-470-85455-6 February 2003 346 Pages


This book offers a practical, fact-based approach to explain how enterprises deliver performance over time. Rigorous methods explain how to quantify the growth, decline and interdependence within the organisation's resources and capabilities as well as the continuous interactions with competitors and other external factors. These methods create clear and practical pictures of the strategic architecture driving earnings and other performance outcomes, not just for commercial firms, but for non-profit cases too. Management is then well-equipped to answer three crucial questions in their strategy development : why has the business performed as it has to date? where is performance headed in the future if we carry on as now? and how can we alter this future for the better? The book provides the basis for an entire course on the time-based perspective on competitive strategy, connecting strongly to established static frameworks. Alternatively it offers a vital missing component for existing courses in strategy and general management, as well as a key reference text for professionals in corporate development, consulting and business analysis.

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Part 1: Getting Started

The Critical Path: the Meaning of Dynamics

Strategic Resources - the Fuel of Firm Performance

Getting Specific! Quantifying Change

Building the Machine: Reinforcing Feedback Between Resources

Removing the Brakes: Balancing Feedback Holds Back Growth

The Strategic Architecture: Designing the System to Perform

Part 2: Further Concepts

The Hard Face of Soft Factors: the Power of Intangible Resources

Into Battle: the Dynamics of Rivalry

Building the Capabilities to Perform

Keeping the Wheels on the Road -
Steering the Dynamics of Strategy

Further Developments on Existing Strategy Concepts

Appendix Theory Underlying the Strategy Dynamics Method
"...many valuable ideas..." (Long Range Planning, Vol 37 2004)
Competitive Strategy Dynamics Supplementary materials for lecturers adopting this book can be found including simulation-based learning exercises, which have proved successful both for groups and individuals.
  • Offers new approaches to system dynamics and strategy
  • These ideas have been tested in the real world with consultants, students, and managers
  • Supported by a suite of simulation-based learning materials that help illustrate real cases