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Complete Flash Remoting MX

Complete Flash Remoting MX

Joey Lott

ISBN: 978-0-764-52586-5

Mar 2003

596 pages

Select type: Paperback

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* The only book completely devoted to this exciting new technology that enables Flash to utilize resources on the server side
* Flash Remoting MX allows developers to turn Macromedia Flash movies into serious Web applications like message boards, e-commerce applications, and e-mail clients
* Packed with hands-on instructions and fully-functioning Flash Remoting MX applications to help readers build their own applications quickly and easily
* Written by an expert Flash developer whose clients include Warner Brothers, Sony, and Disney


Part I: Introducing Flash Remoting.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Flash Remoting.

Chapter 2: ActionScript Fundamentals.

Chapter 3: Flash Remoting ActionScript Basics.

Chapter 4: Using Databases and Record Sets.

Chapter 5: Getting Started with Web Services.

Part II: Flash Remoting with ColdFusion.

Chapter 6: Understanding Flash Remoting for ColdFusion.

Chapter 7: ColdFusion Pages and Flash Remoting.

Chapter 8: Interacting with ColdFusion Components.

Chapter 9: Consuming ColdFusion Web Services.

Chapter 10: Working with Pageable Record Sets.

Chapter 11: Creating Server-Side ActionScript.

Part III: Flash Remoting with J2EE Application Servers.

Chapter 12: Understanding Flash Remoting with J2EE.

Chapter 13: Accessing Servlets and JSPs.

Chapter 14: Interacting with Java Classes and JavaBeans.

Chapter 15: Calling Enterprise JavaBeans from Flash.

Chapter 16: Working with JRun-Only Features.

Chapter 17: Using ASTranslator.

Part IV: Flash Remoting with .NET.

Chapter 18: Understanding Flash Remoting with .NET.

Chapter 19: Interacting with ASP.NET Pages.

Chapter 20: Using .NET Library Assemblies.

Chapter 21: Consuming .NET Web Services.

Part V: Building Remoting Applications.

Chapter 22: Developing Flash E-Commerce.

Chapter 23: Making a Messageboard.

Chapter 24: Creating an E-mail Clien.


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