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Complete Guide to Internet Publicity: Creating and Launching Successful Online Campaigns

Complete Guide to Internet Publicity: Creating and Launching Successful Online Campaigns

ISBN: 978-0-471-27502-2

Oct 2002

448 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Strategies for grabbing-and holding-an audience's attention online

The definitive resource for PR and marketing professionals, this sequel to Steve O'Keefe's best-selling classic Publicity on the Internet (0-471-16175-6) provides detailed, how-to instructions on planning, designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and measuring the results of online campaigns. Throughout the book, the author enlivens his coverage with inspiring and instructive vignettes and case studies of successful campaigns. Steve O'Keefe covers everything the reader will need to get up to speed on search engine optimization, newsletters, news rooms, e-mail marketing, e-mail merge software, syndication and affiliate programs, and building in-house publicity operations.

Companion Web site features customizable Word and HTML templates, weekly live discussions groups, and valuable resource listings.


Chapter 1. The Power of Internet Publicity.

Chapter 2. E-Mail News Releases.

Chapter 3. Online News Rooms.

Chapter 4. Discussion Group Postings.

Chapter 5. Newsletters and Direct Marketing.

Chapter 6. Chat Tours.

Chapter 7. Online Seminars and Workshops.

Chapter 8. Web Site Registration and Linkage.

Chapter 9. Contests and Other Fancy Promotions.

Chapter 10. Syndicating Your Promotions.

Chapter 11.Building an Online Publicity Operaion.

Appendix: Companion Web Site.

""a valuable insight into a burgeoning area of research"" (British Journal of Cardiology, March 2002)

""...the book can be recommended to anyone planning a major internet-based publicity campaign..."" (, 11 July 2002)

""...every topic is clearly guide books go this is the best one I have read to date..."" (M2 Best Books, 17 September 2002)

""...the discipline and meticulousness of his techniques alone - demonstrated in his interesting chapter on e-mail news releases - certainly inspire..."" (Marketing, 21 November 2002)