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Compliance in Healthcare and Research


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Compliance in Healthcare and Research

Lora Burke (Editor), Ira Ockene (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-879-93474-3 July 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 354 Pages

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Noncompliance is a significant problem in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Compliance in Healthcare and Research, edited by Lora E. Burke, PhD, MPH, RN and Ira S. Ockene, MD, is unique in that it addresses the problem of compliance across three levels: the cardiovascular patient, the health care provider, and the healthcare organization.

Moreover, this book examines very current and classic issues, such as the role of managed care in compliance, use of standards in assessing health outcomes, and use of the "intention to treat" strategy in analyzing compliance data. The expert authors not only describe the problems at each level of compliance, but also provide empirically-based strategies for addressing the problems. Additionally, individual chapters focus on specific population groups (such as children, minorities, and the obese); on clinical and research settings; and on methodology, such as measurement techniques and statistical analyses of compliance data.

This diverse book should be used by all healthcare professionals and providers aiming to enhance compliance, healthcare managers wishing to address compliance from an organizational or policy level, and researchers interested in describing and measuring compliance, as well as interventionists interested in testing theoretically-based constructs.


PART I. Introduction.

Improving Patient Adherence: State of the Art, With A Special Focus on Medication Taking for Cardiovascular Disorders.

R. Brian Haynes, MD, PhD.

PART II. Factors and Interventions Affecting Compliance .

Chapter 1. Predicting Compliance.

Deborah J. Bowen, PhD, Almut Helmes, MS, and Erika Lease, BA .

Chapter 2. Strategies to Increase Adherence to Treatment.

Judith K. Ockene, PhD, MEd .

Chapter 3. Behavioral Strategies to Improve Medication-Taking Compliance.

Elizabeth A. Schlenk, PhD, RN, Lora E. Burke, PhD, RN, and Cynthia Rand, PhD, .


PART III. Multi-Level Organizational Approaches to Compliance .

Chapter 4. Provider Approaches to Improve Compliance.

Ira S. Ockene, MD.

Chapter 5. Organizational Approaches to Improve Compliance.

Thomas E. Kottke, MD, Leif Solbert, MD, and Milo Brekke, PhD,.


PART IV. Measurement of Compliance.

Chapter 6. Conceptual and Methodological Problems.

Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, PhD, RN, FAAN and Susan Sereika, PhD.

Chapter 7. Biological Measures.

John Urquhart, MD, FRCP (Edin).

Chapter 8. Electronic Measures.

Lora E. Burke, PhD, MPH, RN.

Chapter 9. Analysis of Electronic Event Monitored Adherence.

Susan M. Sereika, PhD and Jacqueline Dunbar-Jacob, PhD, RN, FAAN.

Chapter 10. Self-Report Data.

James R. Hebert, ScD, Yunsheng Ma, MD, MPH, Cara B. Ebbeling, PhD, Charles E.

Matthews, PhD, and Ira S. Ockene, MD.


PART V. Issues in Special Populations .

Chapter 11. Children.

Tom Baranowski, PhD, Janice C. Baranowski, MPH, RD, LD, and Karen Cullen, DrPH, RD, LD.

Chapter 12. Minority Populations.

Shiriki K. Kumanyika, PhD, MPH, RD.

Chapter 13. Obese Populations.

Michael G. Perri, PhD.


PART VI. Issues Across Settings .

Chapter 14. Clinical Trials.

Eleanor Schron, MS, RN and Susan M. Czajkowski, PhD.

Chapter 15. Treatment Targets.

Harlan M. Krumholz, MD, Mohsen Davoudi, MD, Joan M. Amatruda, RN, and Sarah A.

Roumanis, RN.


PART VII. Special Topics.

Chapter 16. Analysis of Clinical Trials and Treatment Nonadherence.

Susan M. Sereika, PhD and Ed Davis, MD.

Chapter 17. Compliance of Providers to Guidelines.

Thomas A. Pearson, MD, PhD and Laurie A. Kopin, ANP.

Chapter 18. Impact of Compliance on Clinical Outcomes.

Michel Burnier, MD and Hans R. Brunner, MD.

Chapter 19. Managed Care.

Thomas H. Lee, MD, MSc.

PART VIII. Future Directions .

Chapter 20. Innovative Approaches to Compliance.

Deborah J. Aaron, PhD, MSIS, Kimberly A. Morris, PhD, Patricia A. Nixon, PhD, Jeffrey.

P. Martin, MBA, Deborah Echement, BA, and Ronald E. LaPorte, PhD.

Chapter 21. Future Directions: What Paths Do Researchers Need to Take? What Needs to be Done to Improve Multi-Level Compliance?.

Neil B. Oldridge, PhD