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Complicated Lives: The Malaise of Modernity

Michael Willmott, William Nelson

ISBN: 978-0-470-85702-1 February 2006 246 Pages


Complicated Lives examines the greatest conundrum of the modern world: why, despite being richer, healthier and more empowered than ever before, do we continue to feel threatened, under pressure and stressed? There's no denying that we've never had it so good, yet the stark truth is that levels of happiness are unchanged since the 1950s. Offering strategies and insights for avoiding 'the malaise of modernity' whilst exploiting positive experiences the 21st century has to offer, Michael Willmott and William Nelson take readers on a journey of self-discovery into the realities of life in today's complex, multi-channel world.

1. It's a Complicated Life.

2. The New Individualism.

3. The Routeless Society.

4. Human Capital and the Network Society.

5. New Life Courses, New Challenges.

6. Technology and Complexity.

7. The Choice Explosion.

8. Regendering Life.

9. The Parenting Challenge.

10. The Anxiety Society.

11. Complicated Times.

12. Navigating a Complex World.



"… Complicated Lives points out, working time has…slightly decreased…But just about all of us feel we have less time…" (Financial Times, 25 September 2003)

"…an important new book…" (Marketing Week, 4 September 2003)

"…conflicting claims in the media is to blame for most of our anxiety…" (Daily Express, 22 October 2003)

"…In this fascinating book the authors lead us gently through the maze of complications…" (Research Magazine, November 2003)

“… draws on numerous sources to back the claims, and explains the theories in straightforward language. A very refreshing read…” (Marketing, 5 February 2004)

“...  It should be key reading for those tasked with re-engineering and future-proofing their organizations…” (Interactive Marketing, Vol 5 No 4 April/June 2004)

“...Full of challenging ideas that should help us with our understanding of future trends...” (Long Range Planning, Vol.37, No.4 August 2004)