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Composición práctica, Conversación y repaso, 2001 Edition

Composición práctica, Conversación y repaso, 2001 Edition

Trinidad González, Joseph Farrell

ISBN: 978-0-471-40531-3

Nov 2000

304 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Write on. Online, that is!

In wide use in conversation and composition courses at the intermediate and post intermediate levels and offering completely integrated internet-based discussion and writing activities, Composición práctica: Conversación y repaso is the only book of its kind. Practical and hands on, and based on an error analysis of hundreds of fourth and fifth semester writing assignments and conferences with undergraduate students about topics they want to explore, investigate, converse on, and write about, Composición práctica features authentic language models appropriate to each topic presented. Each chapter presents one grammar point that is specifically related to the chapter's central task.

Composición práctica offers a variety of readings, discussion, and written activities, both individual and group and the student-friendly format enhance the underlying effectiveness of the book. It is a highly flexible text. Most units of the book are self-contained, allowing instructors to customize it to the particular needs of any fourth, fifth, or sixth semester course.

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Leccion preliminar: The Dictionary
* La educacion superior
* La familia
* La rutina diaria
* La comida
* Un buen anuncio publicitario
* El reportaje a su alcance
* Las diversiones, los pasatiempos y los compromisos sociales
* La amistad
* El mundo de los negocios
* En busca de tiempos idos
* Dilemas ecologicos
* Artistas latinoamericanos
Syllabification and Diphtongs
Documentation and Bibliography
Correction Key
  • Integrated and enhanced internet research, discussion, and writing activities.
  • Flexible and versatile text for conversation and composition courses
  • Practical, real world topics and approach
  • Unique Using a Dictionary section at the beginning of the text
  • Authentic language samples
  • Variety of student activities, both individual and group
  • Reference tools on syllabification, accents, and documentation and bibliography