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Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare

Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare

Karen M. Sowers (Editor-in-Chief), Catherine N. Dulmus (Editor-in-Chief)

ISBN: 978-0-471-75222-6 March 2008 2000 Pages


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The Comprehensive Handbook of Social Work and Social Welfare presents a comprehensive and up-to-date review of this constantly evolving field, featuring contributions from renowned national and international experts. Organized by major foundational areas within the social work curriculum, each volume includes cutting-edge information related to all aspects of the profession to guide practice and policy decision-making across the field. Social work researchers, educators, practitioners, and students will gain important insight as well as practical resources related to this dynamic profession.
"This handbook features an impressive collection of essays written by experts worldwide. Focusing on the theoretical foundations of social work and designed as a resource for the profession, it is divided into four volumes. The Handbook’s bibliographies provide references to seminal, classic publications in the field of social work and also to important, useful recent books and articles. Summing Up: Highly recommended. (Choice, November 2008)

"This exceptionally comprehensive reference set on an ever-evolving discipline exceeds its purpose "to serve as a resource for the profession." Students and scholars of a wide variety of social sciences will find it extremely valuable. Highly recommended for graduate and undergraduate libraries." (Library Journal, July 2008)

"...a vital four-volume handbook that delves into recent trends in the profession and its environment. The writing styles are clear and approachable by both the professional and layperson. This set is a must for any academic or professional social science collection. Although each volume stands on its own and may be purchased separately, the complete set is an asset for both students and practitioners." (American Reference Books Annual, June 2008)