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Comprehensive Occlusal Concepts in Clinical Practice

Comprehensive Occlusal Concepts in Clinical Practice

Irwin M. Becker

ISBN: 978-0-813-80584-9

Dec 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

316 pages

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Comprehensive Occlusal Concepts in Clinical Practice aims to provide a clear and thorough guide to the understanding and application of occlusal concepts in the dental practice, enabling dentists to gain a straightforward understanding of widely recognized occlusal principles and practices to engender longevity, predictability, and professional confidence in everyday dental procedures. Comprehensive Occlusal Concepts in Clinical Practice also features a comprehensive review of occlusal and periodontal literature, establishes occlusal principles and practice protocols as routine, and aids in developing the reader’s critical ability to know when and when not to perform occlusal therapy. This is a unique book in its scope, thoroughness, and practicality, making occlusal concepts easily understood, yet also demonstrating the specific skills needed to perform the details of a physiologic occlusal scheme.


1 Introduction to Occlusal Disease and Rationale for Occlusal Therapy (Irwin M. Becker).

2 Occlusal Parafunction and Temporomandibular Disorders: Neurobiological Considerations (Henry A. Gremillion).

3 The Masticatory System: Orthopedic Considerations in Function and Pathofunction (Henry A. Gremillion and Christopher J. Spencer).

4 The Anatomical Basis of Occlusion (Irwin M. Becker).

5 Accepted Occlusal Principles Involved in Physiologic Occlusion (Irwin M. Becker).

6 Evaluating the Muscles of the Stomatognathic System and Their Role in Understanding Occlusal Disharmony and TMD (Herbert E. Blumenthal).

7 The Effect of Occlusal Forces on the Progression of Periodontal Disease (Stephen K. Harrel and Martha E. Nunn).

8 An Occlusal Basis of Treatment Planning (Irwin M. Becker).

9 Occlusal Bite Splint Therapy (Roger A. Solow).

10 Occlusal Equilibration and the Diagnostic Workup (Irwin M. Becker).

11 Dentist-Ceramist Communication, the Foundation of Successful Treatment (Matthew R. Roberts).