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Computational Approaches in Biomedical Nano-Engineering

Computational Approaches in Biomedical Nano-Engineering

Ayesha Sohail, Zhiwu Li

ISBN: 978-3-527-34471-0

Nov 2018

320 pages


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This book comprehensively and systematically treats modern understanding of the Nano-Bio-Technology and its therapeutic applications. The contents range from the nanomedicine, imaging, targeted therapeutic applications, experimental results along with modelling approaches. It will provide the readers with fundamentals on computational and modelling aspects of advanced nano-materials and nano-technology specifically in the field of biomedicine, and also provide the readers with inspirations for new development of diagnostic imaging and targeted therapeutic applications.
1. Computational Approaches in Biomedical Nano-Engineering - An Overview
2. Nanotechnology Applications - The Future Arrived Suddenly
3. Biosynthesized Nanobullets for Microbes and Biofilms
4. The Physics of Nanosensor Systems in Medicine and the Development of Physiological Monitoring Equipment
5. Non-Linear Multi-Physical Laminar Nanofluid Bioconvection Flows: Models and Compution
6. Exploring Nanotechnology Applications in Medicine
7. Microtubules: Nanobiomechanical Simulation
8. Simulations of Flowing Red Blood Cells with and without Nanoparticles Dispersion using Particle Based Numerical Methods
9. Impact of Nanofluid in Medical Treatment by Mathematical Modeling
10. Physiological Modeling and Simulation of Fluid Flows