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Computational Intelligence: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

Computational Intelligence: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

Andries P. Engelbrecht

ISBN: 978-1-119-34862-7

Mar 2020

800 pages

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This is the Third Edition of “Computational Intelligence: An Introduction”, a successful and easily-accessible text by a recognized leading expert. It provides a very comprehensive introduction to a number of popular Computational Intelligence paradigms. It serves both as an introduction to the first-time Computational Intelligence user, and as a reference to experts in the field.  The third edition expands on a number of the paradigms, and adds more recent developments in the fields of Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation and Swarm Intelligence. In addition, a part is added on Hyper Heuristics and Memetic Computing, plus comprehensive guidelines on empirical analysis procedures. As such, the third edition will also have a hands-on, practical benefit to the reader. The book is intended as a senior graduate/postgraduate text book, and a reference.

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