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Computational Methods in Physics, Chemistry and Biology: An Introduction

Computational Methods in Physics, Chemistry and Biology: An Introduction

Paul Harrison

ISBN: 978-0-471-49562-8

Nov 2001

222 pages

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Providing an accessible introduction to a range of modern computational techniques, this book is perfect for anyone with only a limited knowledge of physics. It leads readers through a series of examples, problems, and practical-based tasks covering the basics to more complex ideas and techniques. The focus is placed on the dynamic area
of modern physics, helping readers understand the power and uses of computational physics.
* Leads the reader from a basic introduction to more sophisticated techniques
* Provides the skill-building exercises necessary to tackle more complex problems
* Applies essential techniques to a wide range of key problems


About the Author.

About the Book.


Numerical Solutions to Schrödinger's Equation.

Approximate Methods.

Matrix Methods.

Deterministic Simulations.

Stochastic Simulations.

Percolation Theory.

Evolutionary Methods.

Molecular Dynamics.

Appendix A: FORTRAN Implementation of the Shooting Method.

Appendix B: ² in Spherical Polar Coordinates.

Appendix C: A Comment on the Computer Sourcecodes.

Appendix D: Note for Tutors.