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Computer-Based Testing and the Internet: Issues and Advances

Computer-Based Testing and the Internet: Issues and Advances

Dave Bartram (Editor), Ron Hambleton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-01721-0

Nov 2005

272 pages

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Internationally there is a growing number of professionals administering psychological tests by computer. Computer Based Testing and The Internet highlights four main themes that define current issues, technical advances and applications: advances in computer based testing, including test designs; operational issues, including security and legal issues; new uses for tests in employment and credentialing; and future of computer based testing. Each contributor addresses issues of control, quality, security and technology within the subject matter of their particular chapters providing an excellent overview.
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List of Contributors.

Introduction: the International Test Commission and its Role in Advancing Measurement Practices and International Guidelines (T. Oakland).

1. Testing on the Internet: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in the Field of Occupational Assessment (D. Bartram).

2. Model-Based Innovations in Computer-Based Testing (W. van der Linden).

3. New Tests and New Items: Opportunities and Issues (F. Drasgow & K. Mattern).

4. Psychometric Models, Test Designs and Item Types for the next Generation of Educational and Psychological Tests (R. Hambleton).

5. Operational Issue sin Computer-Based Testing (R. Luecht).

6. Intenret Testing: The Examinee Perspective (M. Harris).

7. The Impact of Technology on Test Manufacture, Delivery and Use and on the Test Taker (D. Bartram).

8. Optimizing  Quality in the Use of Web-Based and Computer -Based Testing for Personnel Selection (L. Hornke & M. Kersting).

9. Computer-Based Testing for Professional Licensing and Certification of Health Professionals (D. Melnick & B. Clauser).

10. Issues that Simulations Face as Assessment Tolls (C. Johnson).

11. Inexorable and Inevitable: the Continuing Story of Technology and Assessment (R. Bennett).

12. Facing the Opportunities for the Future (K. Breithaupt, et al.).