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Computer Graphics Companion


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Computer Graphics Companion

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The Computer Graphics Companion offers a comprehensive collection of articles written by selected specialists and spanning a wide range of topics and applications in computer graphics.

It brings together all the articles related to computer graphics included in the Encyclopedia of Computer Science along with further material, unique to this companion volume. Additional articles on colour and design are included as well professional profiles and web resources.

Enhanced with a section of colour illustrations, the book gives a general introduction to computer graphics, software, hardware, design, colour and image processing and then focuses on key application areas:

  • Entertainment – covering areas such as animation, movies and games
  • Science and engineering - including scientific visualisation, biocomputing, medical imaging, diagnostic techniques, geographic information systems and computer-aided design in engineering and manufacturing
  • Other applications of computer graphics – reviewing diverse topics, such as virtual reality, multimedia, the internet, desktop publishing and simulation

The book also features:

  • Autobiographical profiles by computer graphics professionals, giving a personal insight into working in the field, some of the practical aspects of their current work and their thoughts on the future for graphics.
  • An extensive list of web sites for graphics organisations, demonstration software and graphics hardware and software suppliers

Authoritative but accessible, the Computer Graphics Companion is an essential introduction to the field of computer graphics and its applications.


List of Contributors.


1  General Issues.

Computer Graphics Principles (McConnell).

Graphic Design in New Media (O'Connell).

Color as a Language of Design (O'Connell).

Display Monitor (Raikes).

Interactive Input Devices (McConnell).

Graphics Standards (Carson).

Image Compression (Motta, Rizzo and Storer).

Computer Vision (Walters).

Image Processing (Trivedi).

2  Entertainment.

Computers in the Entertainment Industry (Anderson revised by Wilson).

Computer Art (Lovejoy).

Arcade Games (Reid-Green).

Videogames (Reid-Green and Herman).

Computer Animation (Hodgins and O'Brien).

3  Science and Engineering.

Scientific Applications (Reilly).

Scientific Visualization (Rhyne).

Biocomputing (Witten).

Medical Imaging (Huang).

Computerized Tomagraphy (Herman).

Geographic Informaton Systems (GIS) (Goodchild).

Fractals (Saupe).

Computational Geometry (Skiena).

Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) (Flachsbart, Shuey and Peters).

Conmputer-Aided Engineering (MacKrell and Herzog).

4  Other Applications.

User Interface (Jacob).

Virtual Reality (Cockayne).

Artificial Life (Liekens).

Multimedia (Little).

World Wide Web (Berghel).

Desktop Publishing (Brown).

Markup Languages (Ressler).

Simulation (Smith).

5  Seven Specialist Profiles.

Carolina Cruz Neira, Iowa State University.

Mike Goslin, Walt Disney Imagineering.

Jessica K Hodgins, Carnegie Mellon University.

Jan Moorman, The 401 (k) Company.

Holly Rushmeier, IBM TJ Watson Research Center.

Gary Tarolli, NVIDIA.

Michael Ragsdale Wright, Artist.

6  Web Resources.