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Con brio: Beginning Spanish, 4th Edition

Con brio: Beginning Spanish, 4th Edition

María C. Lucas Murillo, Donna Shelton, Laila M. Dawson

ISBN: 978-1-119-32053-1

Jan 2017

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¡Con Brio! makes beginning learners beginning speakers. It provides a solid footing in the basics of Spanish and broad cultural awareness that allows beginners to use their Spanish immediately with each other, with Spanish-speaking friends, neighbors and co-workers, and with Spanish speakers around the world.

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Instrucciones para la clase (Classroom directions) 432

Mapa y datos de los países hispanohablantes (World Map) 434

Países y gentilicios (Countries and Nationalities List) 436

Apéndice 1: ¡Diálogos en acción! (Expresiones útiles; Pasos 3 y 4) 438

Apéndice 2: Transcripciones de los ¡Diálogos en acción!  449

Apéndice 3: Verbos  453

Glosario: español - inglés 460

Glosario: inglés - español 469

Index  478

To meet student and instructor needs, ¡Con brío! Fourth Edition is available in three formats: print, eText, and the interactive digital textbook.

  • The innovative online teaching and learning environment of WileyPLUS Learning Space, built on a foundation of cognitive research that integrates relevant resources, including the entire digital textbook, in an easy-to-navigate framework that helps students study effectively and assess their progress against study objectives.
  • A streamlined, easy-to-read Scope and Sequence.
  • A simplified approach to presenting grammar through three to six Gramática sections per chapter. Explanations are brief, concise and facilitate student comprehension.
  • New or revised comic strips introducing some of the Gramática sections.
  • Several new segments in ¡Videos en acción!
  • Several ¡Lectura en acción! sections with new readings adapted from newspapers published in Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Additional revisions to the fourth edition include updated ¿Sabes que…? culture notes, PowerPoints, Workbook and
  • Lab Manual, Grammar Handbook, and Testing Program.
  • A section of course resources including a map and statistics on all Spanish-speaking countries, phrases for classroom instructions, a listing of country names with the corresponding adjectives of nationalities, the Appendices with the dialogs and activities related to ¡Diálogos en acción!, and Spanish/English, English/Spanish glossaries.