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Concepts of Highly Excited Electronic Systems

Concepts of Highly Excited Electronic Systems

Jamal Berakdar

ISBN: 978-3-527-60638-2 March 2006 315 Pages




Knowledge of the excitation characteristics of matter is decisive for the descriptions of a variety of dynamical processes, which are of significant technological interest. E.g. transport properties and the optical response are controlled by the excitation spectrum.
This self-contained work is a coherent presentation of the quantum theory of correlated few-particle excitations in electronic systems. It begins with a compact resume of the quantum mechanics of single particle excitations. Particular emphasis is put on Green function methods, which offer a natural tool to unravel the relations between the physics of small and large electronic systems. The book contains explicit expressions for the Coulomb Green function of two charge particles and a generalization to three-body systems. Techniques for the many-body Green function of finite systems are introduced and some explicit calculations of the Green functions are given. Concrete examples are provided and the theories are contrasted with experimental data, when available.
The second volume presents an up-to-date selection of applications of the developed concepts and a comparison with available experiments is made
The Two-body Kepler Problem: A Classical Treatment.

Quantum Mechanics of Two-body Coulomb Systems.

One Particle in an Arbitrary Potential.

Ground States of Many-electron Systems.

Electronic Excitations.

Two-electrons Systems at the Complete Fragmentation Threshold: Wannier Theory.

Quantum Mechanics of  Many-electron Systems at the Double Escape Threshold.

Highly Excited States of Many-body Systems.

The Three-body Coulomb System.

Correlated Continuum States of N-body Systems.

Green's Function Approach at Zero Temperatures.

Operator Approach to Finite Many-body Systems.

Finite Correlated Systems in a Multi-center Potential.

Excitations in Extended Electronic Systems.