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Concise Guide to Hematology

Alvin H. Schmaier (Editor), Hillard M. Lazarus (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-19666-6 November 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 432 Pages


Concise Guide to Hematology is highly practical, user-friendly, and will be invaluable to all residents, fellows, and trainees working with hematology patients. Designed to highlight the important basic concepts and diseases throughout the spectrum of hematology, the book has a clear and accessible format and includes simple line figures, algorithms, and key points thoughout. Each chapter begins with an overview and then main concepts are outlined for each disorder and topic covered.

Edited by two leading figures in the rapidly evolving field of hematology, this attractively-produced and concise book is an essential guide and ready resource for all those undertaking rotations and examinations in the discipline.

List of Contributors ix

Preface xii

1 Introduction to Hematology 1
Alvin H. Schmaier

2 Hematopoiesis 6
Yuan Lin and Stanton L. Gerson

3 Red Blood Cell Biochemistry and Physiology 16
Kevin T. McDonagh

4 Anemia: Clinical Approach 24
Peter W. Marks

5 Iron Deficiency 35
Alice Ma

6 Vitamin-B12 (Cobalamin) and Folate Deficienc, 44
As´ok C. Antony

7 Congenital Hemolytic Anemia, 62
Archana M. Agarwal and Josef T. Prchal

8 Acquired Hemolytic Anemia, 75
Scott D. Gitlin

9 Overview of Hemostasi, 91
Alvin H. Schmaier

10 Approach to the Bleeding Patien, 103
Alvin H. Schmaier

11 Congenital Bleeding Disorder, 112
Anjali A. Sharathkumar and Steven W. Pipe

12 Acquired Bleeding Disorder, 131
Howard A. Liebman

13 Platelet Function in Hemostasis and Inherited Disorders of Platelet Number and Function 140
A. Koneti Rao and David W. Essex

14 Acquired Thrombocytopenia 154
Theodore E. Warkentin and Andrew E. Warkentin

15 Thrombosis and Anticoagulation 174
Alvin H. Schmaier

16 Myeloid Cell Physiology and Disorders 184
Alvin H. Schmaier, Lilli M. Petruzzelli, Niels Borregaard and Laurence A. Boxer

17 Bone Marrow Structure and Diagnostic Testing 197
Howard J. Meyerson and Hillard M. Lazarus

18 Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and Myelodysplastic Syndromes 220
Gabriela Motyckova and Richard M. Stone

19 Acute Leukemia 235
Tsila Zuckerman and Jacob M. Rowe

20 Classifi cation of Lymphoma 251
Yi-Hua Chen and Amy Chadburn

21 Clinical Evaluation and Management of Lymphoma 268
Makiko Ban-Hoefen, Jonathan W. Friedberg and Richard I. Fisher

22 Plasma Cell Disorders 287
Sumit Madan and Philip R. Greipp

23 Pediatric Hematology 307
Sanjay P. Ahuja

24 Blood Banking 319
Lawrence Tim Goodnough

25 Transfusion Therapy 332
Beth H. Shaz and Christopher D. Hillyer

26 Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation 344
Hillard M. Lazarus

27 Atlas of Hematology Slides 363
Alvin H. Schmaier

Index 389