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Concurrent Engineering: Automation, Tools, and Techniques



Concurrent Engineering: Automation, Tools, and Techniques

Andrew Kusiak (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-55492-9 November 1992 608 Pages


Presents a top-down approach to the design, development, testing and recyclability of products, components and systems across a wide range of industries. Starting with the desired result and working back through the details, it shows how to produce goods, taking into account the challenges of actual manufacture, what the reliability requirements should be, quality control, associated costs, customer needs and more. Additional features include case studies and team negotiating. Also well-illustrated with figures, photographs, charts and tables and includes an extensive bibliography.
Partial table of contents:

Life-Cycle Design of Products: A New Opportunity for ManufacturingEnterprises (L. Alting).

Modeling of Concurrent Engineering Design (K. Ishii).

Automated Analysis Idealization Control (R. Wentorf & M.Shephard).

Concurrent Engineering in Optimal Structural Design (M. Chirehdast,et al.).

Conceptual Design of Mechanisms: A Qualitive Physics Approach (T.Tomiyama, et al.).

An Intelligent Design for Manufacturing System (J. Colton).

Design for Automated Manufacturing (Z. Dong).

Quality by Design (S. Sanchez, et al.).

Quality Engineering and Tolerance Design (K. Kapur).

Design for Reliability (A. Birolini).

Design for Maintainability (M. Klement).

Design for Economics (J. Noble & J. Tanchoco).

Use of an Agent-Based System for Concurrent Mechanical Design (J.Brandon & G. Huang).