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Adrian Mindel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91267-1 February 2000 BMJ Books 240 Pages


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This internationally contributed book will make an important contribution to knowledge about the production and use of condoms worldwide. It discusses their use in the prevention of
sexually transmitted infections, including the need for social marketing to persuade populations worldwide of the need for them.


A brief history of condoms (Milton Lewis).

Latex condom manufacture (John Gerofi).

International quality standards: unfinished evolution (Philip Kestelman).

Contraceptive efficacy of the male condom (James Trussell).

Condoms for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (Adrian Mindel, Claudia Estcourt).

Spermicides and virucides (DJ Jeffries, RJ Aitken).

Use of condoms: data from popularionj surveys (Anne Grunseit, Anne M Johnson).

Condoms and commercial sex (Juliet Richters, Susan Estcourt).

Condoms for anal sex (Juliet Richters, Susan Kippax).

Social marketing of condoms (Philip Harvey).

Condom availability: barriers to access, barriers to use (William P Schellstede, Madaline P Feinberg).

Design and manufacture of male non-latex condoms for prevention of pregnancy and STIs (Gaston Farr).

The female condom (Anne M Young).

Can we tell them how to do it? (Brenda Spencer, John Gerofi).

Appendix A: International and European condom standards compared.

Appendix B: Condom sampling, Acceptable Quality and Limiting Quality.


- Comprehensive and authoritative text
- International authorship
- Discusses current public health issues in the context of use of condoms