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Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign: The New, Revised, and Expanded Edition of the Leading Guide to Planning and Implementing a Capital Campaign, 2nd Edition



Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign: The New, Revised, and Expanded Edition of the Leading Guide to Planning and Implementing a Capital Campaign, 2nd Edition

Kent E. Dove

ISBN: 978-0-470-91467-0 October 1999 Jossey-Bass 528 Pages


"This book is highly recommended for development professionals, as well as board members and administrators who believe that a few million can easily be raised by development personnel in their spare time."
--National Society of Fund Raising Executives Journal on the 1st edition

Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign has been the definitive resource on capital campaigns for a decade. Now, in the long-awaited second edition of the best-selling guide, Kent Dove offers an updated and expanded blueprint for planning and managing a successful capital campaign. He not only gives authoritative guidance to every aspect of a capital campaign but also provides new discussions on such important topics as linking strategic planning to fundraising, conducting external market surveys, defining leadership roles, establishing a campaign and solicitation process, and more. Other enhancements include:
* A dramatically expanded resource section that includes samples of a strategic plan, market surveys, case statements, financial reports, pledge forms, newsletters, program brochures, a complete volunteer kit, and a post-campaign evaluation
* New chapters on technology in fundraising, leadership gifts, and developing lasting relationships with donors
* Updated examples and real-world lessons from diverse organizations that have conducted their own capital campaigns
* The Dove Preparedness Index (DPI), a unique measurement tool that helps organizations simply and accurately assess their readiness to embark on a capital campaign
* The new Continuous Lifetime Giving Program Model, including an analytical and segmented marketing approach to its implementation
* A modernized version of the 80/20 rule, addressing the size and number of gifts that are needed to conduct a successful capital campaign
Packed with checklists, formulas, and tables, Conducting a Successful Capital Campaign is sure to make difference in your capital campaign

Preparing for the Campaign.

The Key Components of a Capital Campaign.

Preparing for a Campaign: Three Essential Steps and an Important Check.

Implementing the Campaign.

Defining Roles of Leaders and Volunteers in the Campaign.

Recruiting, Educating, and Motivating Volunteers.

Building and Stating the Case for the Campaign.

Constructing and Using the Major Gifts Chart.

Establishing the Campaign Structure and Solicitation Process.

Identifying, Researching, and Rating Campaign Donors.

Cultivating and Soliciting Major Gift Prospects.

Building Lasting Relationships and Developing Leadership Gifts.

Managing Campaign Logistics and Day-to-Day Operations.

Technology in Fundraising.

Creating Successful Publications, Promotions, and Public Relations.

Moving Forward.

Concluding the Campaign and Building the Momentum.

TrAnds Affecting the Future of Fundraising and Capital Campaigns.


Resources for Preparing the Campaign.

Appendix A. Sample Strategic Plan.

Appendix B. Sample Strategic Plan Progress Report.

Appendix C. Sample Market Surveys Resources for Implementing the Campaign.

Appendix D. Sample Volunteer Kit.

Appendix E. Sample Case Statements.

Appendix F. Sample Case Statements with Companion Pieces.

Appendix G. Sample Program Brochure.

Appendix H. Sample Campaign Plan.

Appendix I. Sample Monthly Financial Report.

Appendix J. Sample Public Announcement Event Invitation and Program.

Appendix K. Sample Pledge Forms.

Appendix L. Sample Communications Materials Checklist.

Appendix M. Sample Newsletters.

Appendix N. Sample Letterhead and Envelope.

Appendix O. Resources for Moving Forward Sample Final Report.

Appendix P. Sample Post-Campaign Assessment.