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Confessions of a Community College Administrator

Confessions of a Community College Administrator

Matthew Reed, Kay McClenney (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-1-118-00473-9 January 2013 Jossey-Bass 176 Pages


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Written by Matthew Reed, the formerly anonymous author of Inside Higher Ed's most popular blog, Confessions of a Community College Dean, this book offers keen insights, a frank discussion, and suggested solutions for the many issues that are unique to community college administration.

In Confessions of a Community College Administrator Reed describes the current landscape of community college leadership and addresses some of the fundamental questions that face community colleges. Who does a community college actually serve? How do administrators really make budget decisions? Where do the roots of the "permanent crisis" in higher education lie? How are full-time and adjunct faculty best balanced?

Throughout the book, Reed offers guidance and encouragement for the next generation of community college leaders. He examines a set of proposed solutions from outside academia, then turns to other solutions emerging from inside the community college world that also show potential for success.

Confessions of a Community College Administrator is filled with realistic, and ultimately hopeful, advice on how to step back from the day-to-day administrative struggles and gain some perspective on the larger picture. Reed offers administrators useful and productive directions for constructive change.

About the Author iv

Acknowledgments v

Foreword by Kay McClenney vii

Introduction 1

1. The Community College Landscape 13

2. Funding: Where the Money Comes From, Where It Goes, and Why There’s Never Enough 35

3. Community College Administration: Who Does What 61

4. Herding Cats: Managing Creative People 85

5. Regular Challenges of the Dean’s Job 105

6. Saving Community Colleges: A Few Modest Proposals 125

Conclusion 153

Notes 158

References 161

Index 163