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Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies

Vivian Scott

ISBN: 978-0-470-59575-6 December 2009 360 Pages


A practical workplace guide to handling conflict effectively

Managing employees and encouraging them to work together toward a common goal is an essential skill that all leaders should possess. Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies provides the tools and advice you need to restore peace, train your colleagues to get along better with others, prevent conflicts from ever starting, and maintain better productivity while boosting morale.

  • One of the only trade publications that takes the manager's perspective on how to address conflicts, resolve disputes, and restore peace and productivity to the workplace
  • Examines more positive means for resolving conflicts (other than arguing, surrendering, running away, filing a lawsuit, etc.)
  • Helps managers and employees sort through problems and make the workplace a more rewarding place

No manager should be without Conflict Resolution at Work For Dummies!

Introduction 1

Part I: Understanding Conflict in the Workplace 7

Chapter 1: An Overview of Conflict Resolution at Work 9

Chapter 2: Understanding What People Bring to Conflict 21

Chapter 3: Determining How Groups Contribute to Conflict 41

Chapter 4: Practicing Self-Awareness: Understanding How Managers Foster Conflict 59

Chapter 5: Knowing When to Address Conflict 77

Part II: Resolving a Conflict between Two or More of Your Employees 91

Chapter 6: Developing a Plan and Preparing for a Meeting 93

Chapter 7: Starting a Mediation Meeting and Creating a Working Agenda 105

Chapter 8: Negotiating Possible Solutions to a Conflict 123

Chapter 9: Offering Proposals and Crafting Agreements 143

Chapter 10: Adapting a Confl ict Meeting for the Entire Team 161

Chapter 11: Monitoring Agreements and Progress 179

Part III: Using Additional Resources to Resolve the Conflict 195

Chapter 12: Keeping a Team Focused During a Conflict 197

Chapter 13: Determining How Your Company Can Help 209

Chapter 14: Getting Outside Experts to Facilitate Resolutions 223

Part IV: Smoothly Handling Conflict When You’re One of the People Involved 239

Chapter 15: Identifying What Both Sides Want 241

Chapter 16: Asking for a Meeting to Talk about the Conflict 255

Chapter 17: Sitting Down to Talk Through the Issues 267

Chapter 18: Tailoring Your Approach to the Organizational Chart 287

Part V: The Part of Tens 303

Chapter 19: Ten Things You Can Control When You’re in an Unresolved Conflict 305

Chapter 20: Ten Reasons Managers Give for Not Addressing Conflict 311

Chapter 21: Ten Pearls of Wisdom from Professional Mediators 315

Index 319