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Conjugated Polymer Synthesis: Methods and Reactions



Conjugated Polymer Synthesis: Methods and Reactions

Yoshiki Chujo (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-32267-1 December 2010 328 Pages


Edited and authored by top international experts, this first book on conjugated polymers with a focus on synthesis provides a detailed overview of all modern synthetic methods for these highly interesting compounds. As such, it describes every important compound class, including polysilanes, organoboron compounds, and ferrocene-containing conjugated polymers. An indispensable source for every synthetic polymer chemist.
# 01 Organometallic Polycondensation for Conjugated Polymers
# 02 Catalyst-Transfer Condensation Polymerization for Precision Synthesis of pi-Conjugated Polymers
# 03 Regioregular and Regiosymmetric Polythiophenes
# 04 Functional Hyperbranched Polymers Constructed from Acetylenic An-Type Building Blocks
# 05 Through-Space Conjugated Polymers
# 06 Fully Conjugated Nano-Sized Macrocycles: Synthesis and Versatile Properties
# 07 Organoboron Conjugated Polymers
# 08 Recent Developments in Pi-Conjugated Macromolecules with Phosphorous Atoms in the Main Chain
# 09 Organo-Arsenic, Phosphorous, and Antimony Conjugated Polymers
# 10 Synthetic Strategies to Conjugated Main-Chain Metallopolymers
# 11 Helical Polyacetylene Prepared in Liquid Crystal Field
"The book is quite readable. A knowledgeable synthetic chemist can appreciate the detail and the examples that have been highlighted to emphasize the importance of each methodology. . . Overall, however, the book is very good and a worthwhile addition to the libraries of those who appreciate synthetic chemistry in conjugated polymers." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, 23 March 2011)

"An indispensable source for every synthetic polymer chemist." (Robotics Technology, 15 February 2011)