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Connected World 2025 Technologies and Applications

Connected World 2025 Technologies and Applications

Ajay R. Mishra

ISBN: 978-1-119-41514-5

Jan 2020

300 pages

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This is a book about Technology, how the networks may look in the next 10 years, and how they are handled.  It isn’t a speculative gaze into the future (all data related to these technologies to 2022 is already available), but rather a fascinating roadmap of likely scenarios by an author working at the forefront of technological innovation.  Of course, many elements dictate the course of events; the wider economic picture, the operator readiness to deploy such technology in a profitable manner, the consumer readiness to receive such technology – all these play a role. It is highly likely (at least for 5G), that the first commercial systems will come out in the US as the operator appetite for 5G is much higher. Such geographical differences will be inevitable when we talk about technology adaptation. 

The whole technology scenario is changing drastically; so much so, that we are moving to a fully connected society by 2025, where all technologies (wired, wireless and applications) will be much more inter-connected, and health, education, to home automation will be riding on the technologies available in the market. Operators across the world are baffled with ‘what next and how’? This means that networks will evolve not only technologically (3G/4G to 5G & Beyond) but will also become more virtualised (the cloud, M2M communications, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything). This book will help industry experts and policymakers understand the evolution of the networks to 2025.